Utility Bill Audits & Energy Saving Strategies Increase Contractor Profitability

Mar 29, 2024

You might think you’ve done everything you can to keep your contracting company’s expenses at a minimum, but did you know you could be overpaying for your utilities? Comprehensive cost-cutting service Recession Resister can change that.

On average, 80% of businesses are being overcharged for their utilities and their telecom services    •and not just a little bit. If you've been paying more than you should, year after year after year, this wasted money can really add up.

Partner with Recession Resister to see where you're overpaying and to find out how to reduce your energy costs by 10, 15, maybe even 30%. It's free to start, and you only pay 50% of your savings once the company reins in the overages, corrects all billing mistakes, and gets you refunded. Curious to know where you've been overcharged? Go to https://recessionresister.com


Recession Resister blends cost-efficiency strategies with an energy reduction program to bring your monthly costs down by close to 30%, all told. And when you're competing for business in today's inflationary times, these expense management solutions mean you get to inject found money into your budgets so you can optimize operations without cutting staff.

Energy costs can account for 15% or more of your overhead expenses, but researching a deregulated market to find more cost-efficient providers is time-consuming and, let's face it, just not tenable.

Recession Resister streamlines this process for you with an energy provider auto switching service that partners you with the most cost-efficient supplier available. Included in this service is an energy bill audit that uncovers errors and erroneous fees that have gone undetected for who knows how long, which they correct and have refunded back to you. Their energy reduction strategies reduce your business's consumption for additional monthly savings.

Recession Resister is a trusted and affordable way to instantly lower your monthly expenses.


Recession Resister fills a giant need in the market between you and third-party suppliers that procure energy They are constantly monitoring the market and know what your rates should look like. Through a 3-pronged approach, Recession Resister checks off all the cost-cutting boxes that come with your utilities to ensure you're not overpaying and that you're getting the best bang for your buck.

First, Recession Resister conducts an audit on your gas, electric, telecommunications, water/sewer, and trash/refuse management services to find billing overages, outdated fees, redundancies, and demand errors. They eliminate these mistakes for future billing and get you compensated.

Next, they examine your service provider contracts to ensure your rates and packages are not higher than the market default rate. If there’s a discrepancy, Recession Resister can partner you with the utility provider offering the best service plan.


Finally, Recession Resister can introduce you to a range of energy reduction technologies. This includes IntelliHVAC, which reduces your HVAC's compressor cycles, reduces your CO2 emissions, and can save you between 10% - 30% on your energy costs. The ROI on IntelliHVAC - and all their energy-reducing technologies - is one year.

If you're using cooling and freezing equipment you have an additional range of energy reduction strategies to choose from, each of which reduces harmful emissions and some of which can save you from 10% to a staggering 80% on your energy costs, depending on your needs.

When you partner with Recession Resister, you get an automatic expense management tool and an expert team that brings the best austerity measures to your business without interrupting the services you currently receive, and without any extra work on your behalf.

Find out how you can reduce your utility costs for an unexpected bump in your profit margins. Ready to build up those additional savings? Reach out and try Recession Resister for free, at https://recessionresister.com

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