Cut Financial Waste: Bill Savings Platform For People Who’ve Lost Their Jobs

Apr 25, 2024

While preventing financial waste is always a priority, it’s even more important when you’ve lost your job. Instantly minimize your expenses with Bill Saver technology from Recession Resister, a trusted service that reduces financial waste for job loss victims.

While losing your job was beyond your control, making sure you're not wasting money on overblown utility and monthly service charges is within your control.

Recession Resister can help.

Recession Resister is a cost-cutting platform that uses smart technology to analyze your paid monthly bills for posting errors, hidden fees, and inflated rates. Then they get them corrected, securing the refunds you're due and the long-term savings on services you never knew were possible.

Try it out right now, and find out how much you can save:


Did you know most people are overpaying for their monthly services without even realizing it? You may be one of them. And while this information may be unnerving, by using Recession Resister's technology, it's also reversible.

With so many people losing their jobs in 2023 and Q1 of 2024, Recession Resister is focusing their services on helping job loss victims avoid wasteful spending.

Your monthly bills - things like utility, internet, mobile, TV and home security bills - may contain overblown service rates, mistakes, and hidden 'gotcha' fees. Recession Resister is here to put a stop to that. They'll get your overages refunded back to you and will renegotiate your contracts to lower inflated rates.

And you won't need to lift a finger because they do it all on your behalf.


Did you know over 270,000 people lost their jobs in 2023? If you were the victim of company downsizing, revenue loss offsets, a merger or a buyout, the last thing you need is to be overpaying on your bills. And while you've probably begun trimming the fat in the usual ways, there could be substantial savings - even money - to be found in your utility, telecommunications, and home security bills.

Recession Resister automatically audits your paid bills to ensure comprehensive accuracies, and to correct mistakes and unnecessary fees.

They also maintain a specialized negotiations team that monitors market pricing in the utilities and telecommunications sectors and can spot overblown rates per geographic area. To date, Recession Resister's negotiators have saved Americans living in deregulated energy markets close to $1 million in total, simply by bringing down contracted rates.


Interested in learning more about your monthly bills? How about finding ways to potentially lower your service provider rates? Just by uploading your paid invoices in PDF or JPG format to the Recession Resister platform, you can get started.

Recession Resister will then provide you with a detailed report that identifies the refunds you're due, and the best available rates on services.

Recession Resister’s negotiations team is here to secure your refunds for you, and to lower your rates or switch you to a more cost-effective service provider. All you need to do is say the word.

There are no upfront fees for these services; instead, you pay 50% of the total savings Recession Resister secures on your behalf.

A recent client says, “I didn’t realize my bills could be negotiated. Recession Resister’s Bill Saver technology lowered my cable, internet, cell phone, and energy bills. That’s hundreds of dollars saved.”

Are you ready to minimize your expenses so you can maximize your savings? Learn more about how Recession Resister can help at

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