Bill Negotiation Service Is Helping Truck Drivers Lower Monthly Utility Costs

May 3, 2024

Recession Resister is proud to be helping truck drivers across America save money on their monthly bills with their innovative and effective expense savings program. If you want to save, they are here to help!

If you’ve got debts to pay on your trucking rig and are facing the massive industrywide slump, Recession Resister is on a mission to help you enhance your budget sustainability by lowering your monthly expenses.

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Enhance Your Budget Sustainability & Weather The Freight Recession

Recession Resister is pleased to be bringing you a simple yet effective way to save with Bill Saver, their bill auditing and negotiation tool. This fast and risk-free service has been designed to give truck drivers like you a respite from hefty monthly bills and make significant savings on essential services.

Recession Resister knows that the last two years have been an incredibly difficult time for many truck drivers, owing to the US freight recession, rising diesel costs, rising interest repayments on rigs, and falling pay.

Time magazine described the state of trucking in 2024 as being a grueling job for low pay, and Recession Resister empathizes greatly with you if you are living this struggle. That’s why the expense management firm is pleased to be doing their part to help you keep your monthly bills and utilities low so you can better consolidate any debts you may have, and ideally, maximize your savings.

Get Your Bills Audited & Negotiated By The Bill Professionals

Recession Resister’s Bill Saver works on a simple premise. It gives you the opportunity to upload your bills and have them reviewed by a team of professional bill auditors.

Recession Resister’s trained auditors can analyze a host of bills, including energy, water, internet, cellphone, satellite TV, home security, pest control, and more, looking for any errors or overcharges that have been made and can be refunded to you.

Using their vast experience, their knowledge of rates across the US and their collective bargaining power, these auditors can also "lean on" your providers to bring down your rates.

Lower Your Expenses Without Having To Pay A Dime!

Because they work specifically for people facing financial difficulties, Recession Resister charges no upfront fee, and will only deduct their fee if they generate real savings for you.

One happy user of Bill Saver from Maryland said, “I thought I was pretty good at negotiating my own bills, but I submitted three bills and Bill Saver saved more than $1,700 for me! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by using their services.”

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