Use Personality AI Marketing Conversation Coach To Drive More Leads & Sales

Mar 19, 2020

Do you want an app on your smartphone which tells you what to say to close more sales and develop more leads for your business? Then this personality AI sales and marketing tool can help.

What if you had an app that accurately predicted your prospect’s behaviour then advised you on what to say to drive more leads and make more sales? That’s now a reality thanks to a powerful personality AI marketing tool.

You can identify the personality of a prospect and use the advice provided to engage with them more easily. That means forging stronger relationships, building trust, and ultimately making more sales.

This personality AI app leads the field and analyzes millions of data points to accurately identify anyone’s personality and advise the user on what best to say to make the sale.

More information can be found at:

By analyzing personality in this way, clients are able to accurately predict and engage with their prospects more reliably. The tool automatically identifies anyone’s personality and coaches you on what to say so the chances of making a sale are maximised.

That means accurately predicting a personality from a LinkedIn profile or CRM or email using the Chrome Extension. By knowing prospect personalities in more detail, businesses can engage with them on a more personal level.

They can offer personalized, situation-specific advice to communicate effectively and write more persuasively. This represents a powerful new avenue for marketers and sales teams to explore and maximises the impact of even the most inexperienced salesperson or marketeer.

One of the main benefits of the AI tool is its high degree of accuracy. The app accurately identifies anyone’s behavioral patterns by analyzing text, responses, and more data. And it gets it right 80% of the time!

With this information to hand, clients can engage on a deeper level, communicate more clearly, and forge stronger relationships. They can also make better decisions faster.

They can write more effective emails, improve calls and meetings, make a better impression, and earn the trust of their prospects.

This is important, because in today’s connected world, prospects are more sceptical than ever. Response rates are plummeting, and most marketing emails are going unread.

A spokesperson said: “This revolutionary new technology analyses publicly available information on websites like LinkedIn to predict someone’s personality, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It works with any text information - emails, resumes, social media profiles and so on.”

“Specifically, it enables anyone to identify personalities online to improve their communication and build stronger relationships, all based on the core principle of empathy.”

Full details of the service can be found at:

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