USA Medical Clinic Management System Offers Telehealth Consent Form Templates

Dec 3, 2021

As a healthcare provider, you shouldn’t have to spend your time dealing with endless stacks of paperwork. Lucky for you, this EHR software offers a comprehensive solution to all of your administrative woes!

It’s time to direct your attention back toward helping your patients — start your 14-day free trial with Power Diary today!

The practice management system provides you with an efficient means of managing your clinic workflow and communicating with your patients. The platform’s new features add to its already extensive range of capabilities, which include online booking, appointment management, telehealth video calls, and more.

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Power Diary’s latest update includes the addition of online forms, which eliminate the need for physical paperwork and the tedious task of data entry. You can use the new feature to digitally collect important patient information during the intake process and beyond. 

Practice management software (PMS) programs are intended to help both sole practitioners and multi-location medical clinics simplify day-to-day administrative responsibilities such as invoicing and patient correspondence. In essence, this type of system offers you a convenient way to locate and organize your appointment calendar, billing records, patient contacts, treatment notes, and other essential documents.

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With Power Diary, you can now create your own new patient intake forms, telehealth consent forms, follow-up surveys, and any other form of data acquisition needed to run your practice effectively. Each template can be easily customized with your company logo, as well as images, text fields, yes/no switches, and more.

You can send out your online forms via email or SMS, where your patients will receive a secure link to fill out the paperwork on their smart device or computer. The software also possesses the ability to automatically save and record all responses, sparing you the time and effort it takes to manually input data. 

About The Company

To date, over 27,000 healthcare providers in 23 countries have implemented Power Diary to help satisfy their administrative needs. The company’s clients include professionals from a variety of different health and wellness domains, including psychologists, chiropractors, personal trainers, therapists, and social workers.

A satisfied customer said: “Power Diary has made my life at my clinic so easy. From the client portal, custom invoices, sales reports, etc – even for a small business like mine, it all increases my professional image and efficiency. Automated appointment reminders and communication templates add a professional touch that my patients appreciate.”

Power Diary lets you ditch the nasty paperwork and get back to doing what matters most.

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