US Private Insurance Now More Transparent And Affordable With Online Tool

Feb 22, 2021

If you’re an American under 65 and aren’t currently covered by private health insurance, Pennsylvania based health insurance comparers, Shop Healthcare Coverage, want to help you find the coverage you need.

Despite its cost, health insurance is something you can’t afford to live without. That’s why Shop Healthcare Coverage wants to take the excessive cost and stress out of the equation with their easy comparison service. 

Shop Healthcare Coverage, private healthcare insurance specialists based in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, have launched their new expanded health insurance comparison service for Americans who are under 65 years old. Specifically, they are now assisting younger Americans, such as yourself, to find better coverage at more affordable prices. 

Go to to find out more. 

The announcement coincides with the dire challenges faced by public medical services in the US in face of the ongoing, and still worsening global pandemic, a pandemic which has seen almost 30 million Americans infected. 

However, despite this ongoing health crisis, the latest census data indicates that the rates of uninsured younger Americans has continued to rise, with the uninsured rate highest for young adults aged 19-34 at a significant average of 15.6%. 

While many younger Americans tend to see themselves as invincible, or less vulnerable to infections such as the current pandemic, lamentably this is not always the case. As such, Shop Healthcare Coverage, is determined to provide you with comprehensive insight into all health insurance options with packages to suit all needs and budgets. 

One of the most common reasons cited for not taking up health insurance is the cost, but across the US the average cost for one quick trip to the emergency room is $1,500. Moreover, Americans who don’t have reliable health insurance can risk spending thousands of dollars, or being faced with medical debt in the case of a more prolonged health crisis. 

Accordingly, at Shop Healthcare Coverage they offer packages to suit the needs of individuals, couples and families with varying levels of coverage, but all with a high level of cost transparency and benefits. 

Carrying plans from top carriers such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and Humana, Shop Healthcare Coverage is committed to offering great plans at low rates that help you save on copays and deductibles. 

Moreover, they are currently offering you a free online health insurance quote, available in just seconds, with trained insurance experts available online and via phone. 

Shop Healthcare Coverage is dedicated to protecting the health of American families and young people by providing extensive insurance comparisons and clearly outlining the benefits and drawbacks of all insurers and packages on the market.  

A spokesperson for the company said, “You need a quality, affordable health insurance plan that can give you and your family peace of mind that you are protected, no matter what happens!” 

While the process of choosing an insurer might seem daunting, think about how scary it would be to be left with a bill for thousands of dollars for medical treatment. Let Shop Healthcare Coverage help give you peace of mind today. 

Don’t wait to secure your free online quote at the website above and get covered before it’s too late!

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