US Businesses Turn to Bondy to Create Relationships With Their Remote Employees

Oct 28, 2021

If 2021 has seen your business include more remote work staff, your newest challenge will be maintaining a recognizable corporate culture and creating a sense of belonging between on-site staff and work-from-home employees. Bondy Worldwide, a company focused on building positive employee/employer relations, should be the answer you need for this challenge.

Early during the Covid lockdown, Bondy Worldwide began working with American business owners attempting to execute new hiring and retention strategies to ensure their company didn’t fall victim to the rapidly growing labor shortage. With over 10 million unfilled job openings and 1.2 open positions for every person in the job market, potential employees report feeling both “over work” and overworked. And after 18 months of working remotely, many employees have learned they are more productive and happier working from home. More importantly, they want things to stay that way.

Bondy learned that employee burnout topped the reasons why employees leave their current jobs while finding a job with more flexibility tops the list of reasons employees are drawn to another position. Overall, job flexibility, commute issues, and shortages in securing child care are key reasons employees seek remote work opportunities, resulting in an SMHR report showing two-thirds of U.S. businesses now offering full-time remote work for some positions.

With this new work model comes challenges that Bondy Worldwide hopes to answer. How do employers retain a sense of company culture when their staff isn’t bumping into each other in the breakroom or gathering around the conference table to brainstorm? The moments your employees share interacting on a daily basis create the vibe of a business, the energetic connection that makes your business a more attractive place to work than your competitor.

The struggle to stay connected within a remote-work environment has emerged as one of the key challenges for today’s business leaders. The Zoom meeting, while initially effective, has become redundant and lackluster over the last year, so if you consider your organization to be forward-thinking, it’s important to focus attention back on both building and retaining your corporate vibe/company culture.

Your company’s culture is the sum of all that you and your colleagues think, say, and do as you work together. If your organization wants to retain its key employees, and attract new staff, it’s critical to build on the right foundation and keep reinforcing your company culture while adjusting to the new remote work model. The key is to stay flexible and learn to adapt.

This is where creative companies like Bondy Worldwide provide tools to navigate this new business model. Founded to help companies maintain employee engagement and workplace culture during the exodus from corporate headquarters into remote work teams, Bondy specializes in employee gift boxes and creative team-building experiences. While bonding over shared events and holidays, celebrations, and contests, Bondy’s gift boxes add a jolt of excitement to your employee’s workday and help you bridge the gap between the workplace and your workforce.

Ideas abound on how to build and maintain a relationship with work-from-anywhere team members. Whether it’s the unexpected surprise of receiving a curated snack box that the entire team enjoys during a Zoom meeting, or a 2021 virtual holiday celebration experience via a corporate gift box, you can keep your company’s culture vibrant regardless of where your teams power up their laptops.

As the business world continues to adapt to today’s employment challenges and business models, one fact remains constant: Finding ways to help your remote workers feel connected to their jobs will be an ongoing challenge that cannot be ignored.

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