Unified CRM With Bulk Texting Enables SMS Marketing For Event Organizers

Aug 7, 2023

Did you know that SMS marketing is the secret weapon used by successful event companies? Luckily, Bigly Sales has a CRM suite that’s effective and affordable!

Bigly Sales is all about helping businesses thrive in today’s challenging market. That’s why it recently upgraded its CRM suite to better serve event companies.

Its product now boasts an enhanced SMS component, which plays a crucial role in attracting event attendees and reminding them of crucial dates. You can send both plain-text and multimedia messages at cost-effective prices.

Learn more by visiting https://biglysales.com/

Bigly Sales’ SMS component is integrated into its unified inbox system, ensuring that none of your messages fall through the crack. This feature makes following up on your leads easier and more foolproof — a must for event companies that often have to juggle several tasks at once.

Event marketing offers a more personal and tactile experience to prospects. According to research done by EMI & Mosaic, 95% of marketers agree that live events provide a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections that can be nurtured into business relationships later on.

In a similar vein, SMS is a more personal marketing channel that has an open rate of 98%. Bigly Sales offers a cost-effective solution that enables your event company to generate broad awareness for its event and maximize ticket sales.

Ease of use was a major consideration when designing the platform, which is why Bigly Sales has pre-made templates that you can tweak to suit your needs. The company also allows you to purchase additional numbers from which to send messages at a nominal cost.

Company representatives say that using its texting CRM system creates a sense of urgency, which suits events as they are inherently time-bound. The marketing outlay is also significantly lower compared to other mainstream channels, enabling you to reach more prospects without spending a bigger budget.

As a full-fledged CRM system, Bigly Sales has an analytics suite that clearly shows how effective your campaigns are. You can view important statistics such as open rates, responses, and URL clicks, among others.

A spokesperson says: “If you're looking for a marketing channel that can help you to connect with your target audience, build relationships, generate leads, and promote your events, then SMS marketing is a great option. Bigly Sales has a powerful suite that can help foster your event company’s growth.”

SMS marketing might be the shot in the arm your event company needs. Contact Bigly Sales today to learn more about its CRM platform!

For further details about the company and its services, you may visit https://biglysales.com/

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