UK’s Best Pure Mulberry Silk 25 Momme Pillowcases Come In Neutral Oyster Grey

Jun 2, 2023

You’ve never slept on anything as soft as a pure silk pillowcase from Mayfairsilk. Discover the ultimate in softness, style and luxury with Mayfairsilk.

You’ll feel like you’re drifting away on a cloud with Mayfairsilk’s new pure mulberry silk grey pillowcase.

Mayfairsilk has called their new shade Oyster Grey and their new pillowcase design features grey piping and a classic Oxford border. The company uses 25 momme pure mulberry silk for its products, the highest-grade long-fibre silk used in bedding.

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Mayfairsilk believes that their soft Oyster Grey is a reimagined and understated, lighter take on what has been the dominant home décor colour of the last few years. As a recent article by well-known interior designer Maria Killam described, in 2023 grey has gone from being on-trend to timeless. After several years of grey hype, Killam suggested that the best way for you to use grey is subtly, as a part of a neutral palette that embodies both cool and warm tones. And, one of the best places for you to incorporate grey this year, according to Maria Killam, is with accents and accessories like your bedding.

Mayfairsilk agrees that the right shade of grey can add gentle depth to your design scheme, and that it gives you more dimension than its stronger counterparts, black and white. To add greater visual interest to their new Oyster Grey pure mulberry silk pillowcases, they have added a classic piping line and an Oxford border around the edge. They have also created the pillow with a unique matt finish, which means it will balance and contrast well with other natural bedding fibres you may have, like linen or high-quality cotton.

Mayfairsilk recommends silk pillowcases to you because silk is the softest natural fibre available. As such, it is soothing and hydrating to your skin, and many silk pillowcase converts also report that they enjoy shinier, smoother, and more manageable hair after sleeping on silk.

A spokesperson for the thread makers said, “This Oyster Grey silk pillowcase pairs beautifully with all colours and prints, and has been crafted with pure 25 momme mulberry silk with a matt finish. This pillowcase is the perfect addition to spruce up your bedroom; it's versatile, and it blends well with classic and contemporary decors and a variety of colour schemes.”

Mayfairsilk was established in 2011 and their pure silk bedding and accessories have been featured in Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Transform the way your bedroom looks, and the way you sleep with Mayfairsilk.

Visit if you want to discover their new take on grey and their truly luxurious products.

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