U-DO TV is joining forces with Michael Jonvier Media LLC to produce WebLYFE Atlanta.

Mar 3, 2021

Blogger and journalist Michael Jonvier has joined forces with Atlanta based streaming network U-DO TV to resurect the web reality series WebLYFE. The the series nearly died on the vine while being driven into the ground by infighting and poor production on its’ inaugural season.

WebLYFE Atlanta was one of the latest additions to the growing genre of LGBT Web Reality Series. Like Chasing Atlanta, The Come Up Atlanta, and still others before it; the series attempted to show the lives of seven Atlanta based web series actors, content creators, and media personalities; Larry “Phylle” Carter, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning, Carl “K $tarr” Levonzell, Lacie “Lacie Doll” Squire, Nikia “Freshie” Squire, and Brandon Karson Jordan; as they live, laugh, love and clash on the backdrop of Atlanta’s vibrant social scene.

However, the first season was riddled with production issues, onset and behind the scenes as various cast members and producers clashed with one another and production. Although many viewers enjoyed the series and the cast; even more noted the poor production quality of the episodes (editing, lighting, camera movement, audio, etc.), not seeing the full scope of the cast’s work, and an imbalanced storyline primarily centered on two cast members that was pushed throughout the season. This is a far cry from the original balanced vision of an ensemble cast the show’s creator clearly expressed and expected.

WebLYFE’s creator, casting director, producer, cast member and owner, Michael Jonvier, formerly known as “Hey Mikey,” has opted to switch to a new production company. WebLYFE Season 2 will now be produced and filmed by Atlanta based production company and new Roku Channel, U-Do TV. Together with the CEO of U-Do TV, Maurice Ravennah, Michael will co-executive produce the new season, in collaboration with his own new media company Michael Jonvier Media, LLC. Project Management Company, Forever Dope Management, headed by Ebony Shinelle, will assist with show production and operations, while Kontrol Magazine will act as a major sponsor. “We’ve worked with Michael for a decade, and with our two brands merging, this is the perfect marriage. WebLYFE initialy named ‘Web Stars of Atlanta’ has been a dream of his for years, and we are happy to help however we are needed. We got his back!” Julian Lark, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Kontrol Magazine tells us.

Additionally coming on board are returning cast members Carl Levonzell, Lacie Doll, Freshie, and Larry Carter. “This show is my brainchild and I wanted a reality series that was balanced. Yes, you have the drama, but you need to also see people working through their issues, finding solutions, and for sure showcasing their work. I’m blessed to call some of the most creative minds in the city [Atlanta] my friends and colleagues. Season 2 is going to be my vision–what it should have been all along.” When asked where Michael stands with the former production, OutPour Media Productions LGBTQ, he simply states, “I wish them the best. My interaction with their executive producer, solely, taught me to research people thoroughly before working with them; and that you can never see your vision come to fruition in the hands of someone else. Nevertheless, I wish them the best.”

In the second season you will also see two new faces soon to be announced! Michael and Maurice both state they want well rounded people who have never been on a reality television with a story and work that will really make people take notice. “Atlanta is full of talented people, but we are looking for individuals who are making moves in their fields as well as have the personality and wherewithal to deal with reality television…We are excited to partner with Michael on this and are more than prepared to deliver an amazing second season.” Maurice adds.

Season 2 of WebLYFE Atlanta will begin filming in April. For all media inquiries please email info@udo.work.

Change begins TODAY!

WebLYFE Atlanta’s first season has ended explosively, seeing some cast members depart, while seeing others gear up for a second amazing season set to begin filming this April. The new season will follow the show’s original vision as created by now co-Executive Producer/cast member, Michael Jonvier. However, along with these aforementioned changes is project management by Forever Dope Management, a NEW production company & Roku Channel, U-Do TV, in partnership with Michael Jonvier Media, and sponsorship from Kontrol Magazine, one of Atlanta’s most popular Fashion, Beauty, and Entertainment Publications.

Season 2 will showcase returning cast members; Michael Jonvier (formerly known as “Hey Mikey”), Carl Levonzell, Lacie Doll, Nikia “Freshie” Squire, and Larry ‘Phylle” Carter; along with a few new faces soon to be announced. These veterans and newbies will regroup, reconnect, hustle, and take on the latest challenges and drama the hottest city in The South throws at them. After all, it’s never a dull moment when you’re one of Atlanta’s brightest talents!

For all media requests or inquiries please email us at info@udo.work.

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