Turramurra Plumbing Relining: Affordable Clay Pipe Replacement With No Digging

Mar 28, 2023

Sewer Surgeon (1300 734 677) can help you fix broken, clogged, and aging pipes, without having to dig up your lawn or tear down your walls. Their fast relining service is cleaner, more affordable, and can easily last for up to 50 years.

Turramurra Plumbing Relining: Affordable Clay Pipe Replacement With No Digging

Did you hear the one about the plumber who thought he was going crazy?

He went to the doctor, and said, "Doc, every time I try to sleep, I see visions of PVC, copper, steel, and corncob. Am I going mad?"

"No, it's fine, this is entirely normal," the doctor explained, "you're just having pipe dreams."

While pipe dreams may be a common occurrence for plumbers - it's not something the rest of us dream about often, and if we are, there's probably a reason plumbing is on our mind.

If you live in Australia, or Sydney in particular, it could be because you have old, worn-out clay pipes, and you're dreading the idea of having your entire yard dug up, and walls taken down, so they can be replaced.

What if you didn't have to though, what if they could be repaired with either minimal or no digging and at a reasonable price?

All you need to do is get them repaired the right way - and that's easy. Instead of digging up, removing, and replacing all your existing pipes, a company like Sewer Surgeon can repair them, from the inside.

Answer a few quick questions on their website to get a free estimate with no obligation, just visit https://sewersurgeon.com.au

Until approximately 1980, clay pipe was a standard plumbing material in Australia, since they were simple to manufacture and install, with a potential lifetime of up to a century. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, the expiry date for their plumbing has arrived, and the standard process to dig them all out for replacement is a huge expense, not to mention that it's also a huge hassle.

By relining the interior of existing pipes, Sewer Surgeon can add approximately 50 years of additional service to your plumbing, for significantly less cost than removing the old pipes and replacing them. While the relining process itself is more affordable due to being less labour-intensive, it also eliminates the costs associated with digging up yards, tearing out walls or floors, and then rebuilding them afterwards - and it's definitely a lot faster.

Though the service is effective for aging, damaged, or worn pipes, it cannot be used in situations where your plumbing has already collapsed. Are you unsure what kind of plumbing you currently have installed, and what condition it's in? Just give Sewer Surgeon a call to discuss your unique situation, and how they can help.

The company can reline most pipe styles and materials, including cast iron, copper, asbestos, cement, PVC, earthenware, and pressure pipes. If you already know the condition of your pipes, and which need replacing, you can use a free calculator on the Sewer Surgeon website to estimate the cost of their relining, with no obligation. The quote calculator asks for only basic information such as the pipe diameter, run distance, and the number of junctions.

Sewer Surgeon also offers an up-front pricing service on all its pipe relining jobs throughout Turramurra, Wahroonga, St Ives, and Gordon, so you'll know in advance how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Before they start, you will be provided with an up-front estimated cost for the job, which will be completed by fully licensed and insured professionals, with a standard customer satisfaction guarantee.

One satisfied client said, “Would highly recommend Sewer Surgeon, Nick and Nathan were very courteous, friendly, and efficient. They were prompt and did a great job and went over and beyond to help with any questions and solutions. Thanks, guys.”

If it's time to get your plumbing replaced, you've got options.

Sure, you can dig up your yard, put holes in your walls, and replace every single pipe - if that's what you want.

Or, you can take a surgical approach, that relines each pipe with a brand new coating that's effective for around 50 years, for only a fraction of the time, cost, and mess.

It's your call, but if I was you, I'd make sure my call was to Sewer Surgeons in Sydney.

Visit https://sewersurgeon.com.au/pipe-relining-sydney/ to learn more about how pipe relining works, or to schedule a consultation.

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