Turning 65? Get Medicare Enrollment Assistance From Top Irving Insurance Broker

Aug 29, 2023

Getting the right Medicare coverage can be extremely confusing. Smart Medigap Plans (214-893-1200) is an independent insurance broker that specializes in helping people turning 65 easily pick the right Medicare plan – give them a call today!

Turning 65 should be an enjoyable milestone. Unfortunately, Medicare enrollment can be a confusing obstacle to truly living your sunset years to their fullest. Smart Medigap Plans' insurance experts are here to help Texans turning 65 years old enroll and benefit from affordable Medicare plans.

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The insurance broker's offerings have been developed to help elderly Americans transition into Medicare coverage without confusion and will help with the Medicare enrollment process months prior to you turning 65. The agency's leading Medigap Insurance Specialist, Mike Hagan, will match you with the most suitable option of the over two dozen insurance carriers he works with and can also provide you with proper prescription drug, dental, and vision plans before your 65th birthday.

According to the National Council on Aging, roughly 25% of American adults aged 65 and older cut back on food, utilities, clothing, or medication spending to cover their healthcare costs. Last year, approximately 37% of elderly individuals had worries that they would not be able to afford health care. Smart Medigap Plans can help alleviate these concerns by streamlining Medicare enrollment.

Smart Medigap Plans can also help you if you are already enrolled in Medicare but are seeking better options. Mike Hagan can recommend different insurance carriers that have track records of low rate increases. When you are enrolled in a more affordable plan by the broker, you can keep your doctors while paying less monthly.

The final point of Smart Medigap Plans service for those turning 65 is a follow-up every three years. During this follow-up, the Medicare expert will reach out to you to ensure you are still in the best plan for your situation and potentially shop around to get a better monthly rate.

About Smart Medigap Plans

Smart Medigap Plans is an independent insurance broker that collaborates with more than 30 insurance carriers to offer various Medicare options to elderly Texans. Mike Hagan has been connecting seniors to Medicare plans for over six years and prides himself on honest, transparent service. Mr. Hagan can help clients transitioning into Medicare across many states since he is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas​​.

In addition to following up with his clients every three years, Mr. Hagan makes himself available to clients at all times. If at any point after your initial enrollment, you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to him for expert help and compassionate service.

A local Texan who reached out to Mr. Hagan for Medicare help said the following regarding their positive experience, “Mike really helped me out with my insurance and thoroughly explained everything in simple terms. Highly recommend”

Make sure your Medicare journey is easy and affordable at https://smartmedigapplans.com

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