Turn a Hobby or Interest Into a Profession Using ‘Expert Secrets’ a Business Building Book

May 12, 2017

Those looking to transform an interest into a niche business with a steady following can now do so with ‘Expert Secrets’. This title, written by Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, shows readers how to find their voice, deliver a strong message and build a movement.

A Boise, Idaho-based entrepreneur has released a book called 'Expert Secrets' that enables individuals to discover how to turn their hobby or pastime into an occupation. This title, which is easy-to-understand and simple to put into action, makes individuals realized that their talent, interest or knowledge could become far more, if only they knew how to turn this interest into a profession.

More information is available at http://www.funnelhacks.org/Expert-Secrets.

Released in the last week of April, Expert Secrets shows individuals how to share their message with the world. Having specialist knowledge can enable any individual to help others change their lives, but often knowing how to deliver this message, so it has the desired impact on others is the key to success.

Expert Secrets shows individuals that have a message to share, how to find their voice so that they can become a leader. This title also shows readers how they can build a mass movement. So, eventually, their pastime becomes a profession.

Jam-packed with practical strategies, Expert Secrets includes finding the right niche to leading and creating new opportunities. Plus, it explains why real people want to purchase products that help them change for the better.

Russell Brunson, author of 'Expert Secrets' and co-founder of ClickFunnels, a sales funnel marketplace, has built a following of more than a million entrepreneurs over the last 10-years. Selling hundreds of thousands of his first book DotCom Secrets, The 3 Core Funnels and 108 Split Tests, Brunson helps entrepreneurs to get their message into the marketplace quickly.

When asked about 'Expert Secrets' Robert Kiyosaki an entrepreneur, author and wealth creation coach said,” This title is the map that allows many people to turn their specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that works for them. This book delivers shortcuts that work.”

To find out more about Expert Secrets, visit the link above.

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