New Best Selling Book Selling Niche Website Creation Book Turns Everyday Knowledge Into Jobs

May 12, 2017

Dylan Nicholson, an entrepreneur, based in Boise, Idaho, has launched a campaign to help ordinary people realize their own talents and turn these talents into successful businesses. Nicholson is showing others who they can use the steps in this book to share their expert knowledge.

Boise, Idaho-based product entrepreneur Dylan Nicholson, has launched a campaign to raise awareness of a new best-selling book, which has turned everyday people with knowledge of a niche into profitable web hub business owners. This book called 'Expert Secrets' shows individuals with expert knowledge how to share this valuable information with others, and market it, so they become an authority online.

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Launched in May, Expert Secrets, which has now sold over 30,000 copies, has already helped many people turn their everyday expertise into a successful web business. For instance, using the Expert Secrets book a hot dog cart salesman released a hot dog niche site which marketed his hot dog course, and a struggling real estate agent who successfully started flipping property released a house flipping website that marketed his flipping system and processes.

However, these people and others, such as a teacher with Dyslexic children who formulated a method for overcoming reading roadblocks, who packaged her insights, struggled to market their products and attract visitors. Then, they discovered Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets is a 267-page book on how to create a mass movement using easy-to-follow steps and processes. By using real-life examples, the book explains how to determine what niche will work for an individual based on their field of expertise and how to touch the lives of others to create a career out of this niche.

Written by Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels and entrepreneur, Expert Secrets divides into five sections with 22 actionable steps. These are the same steps that Brunson used to create and launch many of his own products.

Brunson's book provides actionable steps necessary to uncover the ideas most people overlook. This realization opens up avenues of opportunity so the reader can create their own unique niched business.

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