Tucson Wellness Coach Helps Executives Better Manage Work-Life Priorities

Jul 19, 2023

If you, as a business leader, want to make sure that you – and your team – reach your company goals in the most viable way without sacrificing work-life balance, you need leadership skills coaching from Bosch Integrative Wellness (520-595-0544)!

A key measure of your success as a leader lies not only in the results your team accomplishes but also in their willingness to follow you with their heart. If you want to become a role model leader, be sure to motivate yourself before motivating your team - get the right skillset with Bosch Integrative Wellness!

You will work with a certified leadership and wellness coach Dr. Leslie Bosch, who is dedicated to helping senior executives like you further refine their leadership agility and adaptability skills to tackle stressful situations more adequately and have greater control over themselves when working under pressure. Her coaching service is also suitable for newly appointed leaders who want to successfully transition into their new roles.

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Bosch Integrative Wellness wants to encourage more executives like yourself to embrace the opportunity to fine-tune their leadership capacity through its integrative approach, which enables you to acknowledge and achieve both your individual and organizational goals. With DDI figures revealing that less than half of employees consider their company's leadership as "high quality," getting leadership mentoring can also help you attract new talent and retain existing employees.

Dr. Leslie Bosch's integrative approach to leadership skills development encompasses the creation of a 360-Degree Feedback Assessment that would reveal your core strengths and weaknesses. After identifying the areas that require improvement, you and the coach will work together to create a plan for moving forward using science-backed methods. Key aspects that the coaching program focuses on include cultivating emotional intelligence, developing a solid executive presence, and striking a healthy work-life balance.

Throughout the coaching program, Leslie Bosch strives to equip leaders with the skills required to become transformational leaders who inspire peak performance from those around them. You will also be provided with a wellness plan that incorporates successful stress management and burnout prevention practices, which will complement your efforts to achieve harmony between your professional pursuits and personal aspirations.

Dr. Leslie Bosch provides executive skills development sessions by phone, video conferencing, or in person. Evening and weekend appointments are available. You can also download for free her guide for leaders entitled: "10 Ways to Drive Positive Change."

A satisfied client said, "I am so grateful for Leslie’s coaching! Despite being a successful professional, I was often plagued by doubt and vague dissatisfaction, and unsure what to do about it. Leslie helped me to solidify my core values within the first few sessions."

If you feel like you are always "on the clock," even if you aren't, learn how to create a healthy balance of your work and home life with Bosch Integrative Wellness!

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