Try élevé Adaptogen Infused Sparkling Water, No Sweeteners, & Low Carbonation

Sep 8, 2023

Craving the thrill of sparkling water without all those artificial flavors and additives that the big brands add to their products? Check out élevé’s adaptogen-infused sparkling water for a healthy, organic twist!

When people drink sparkling water, they usually drink it for the experience, not so much for the taste of synthetic fruits. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find products out there that aren’t over-flavored with artificial additives that will spike your blood sugar levels.

If you’ve been feeling this way about sparkling water, you’re not alone. The founders of élevé felt the same way. That’s why they’ve created an entirely original brand that boasts the sensation of conventional sparkling water without any of the drawbacks! But we aren’t sacrificing taste without any artificial sweeteners added; élevé water is filled to the brim with organic flavors and health-boosting adaptogens! True to their name, élevé elevates sparkling water to the next level!

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Clean drinking water is both a basic necessity and an important factor in maintaining overall health and well-being. Clean water is crucial for many bodily functions, including digestion, circulation, temperature regulation, and waste elimination, and although municipal treatment plants can remove most contaminants, toxins, and impurities from drinking water, the occasional pollutant may still be present.

That’s not to say that tap water is dangerous! You can always drink tap water without fear. But if you really want to make sure there’s absolutely nothing but water in your glass, you can get that extra assurance with élevé’s water. Let’s dive into the science behind it.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of their sparkling water, élevé uses a reverse osmosis system, which is advanced filtration technology that forces water through a semipermeable membrane against the flow of osmosis. Contaminants are unable to pass through this barrier, resulting in pure water that is free of pollutants.

Additionally, élevé’s sparkling water is infused with adaptogens, which are herbs, roots, or fungi that are often used in herbal medicine. They really add extra zest to every glass, and they’re good for you too! What’s not to love about it?

élevé was founded by Dianna Aguilar and Tanya Major, who were motivated by the lack of healthy alternatives to commercial sparkling water. Staying true to their beliefs, they’ve created a unique brand of sparkling water that contains no added sugar, sweeteners, coloring, or other artificial additives.

A satisfied customer said: “I absolutely love this water! Beauty lives up to its name, both visually and on the palate. It has the subtle flavor of strawberry with a faint scent of rose. This water is not sweet, just gently flavored. The adaptogens add enough effervescence to make the water refreshing without being overly carbonated. Subtle and pleasant are good descriptors.”

There are more positive reviews where that came from. All in all, it’s clear that élevé has really upped their wellness game to the next level. And if you want to elevate your own sparkling water experience, pick up a can or three! Your body (and taste buds) will thank you for it!

7 ways water boosts your health

In a world of superfoods and trendy diets, there's one elixir that often gets overlooked: water. It's not just a bland beverage; it's a vital component that fuels our bodies and promotes overall wellness. As we dive into the incredible benefits of water, let's also explore how élevé water, offered by the innovative brand élevé, can elevate your hydration experience to new heights.

1. Maintaining Fluid Balance, with élevé water, you're not just consuming hydration; you're embracing a carefully crafted solution that supports your body's natural equilibrium.

2. Enhancing Physical Performance, élevé with its enhanced plant extracts & refreshing taste, provides the fluid needed to power through workouts and stay at your peak.

3. Energy Levels & Mental Clarity, élevé's advanced filtration process ensures that you're not just drinking water, but a revitalizing elixir that supports mental clarity & energy.

4. Supporting Digestive Health, with élevé water's pure and clean composition, you're providing your digestive system with the ideal environment to function optimally.

5. Promoting Skin Health, élevé water's milk thistle and rhodiola rosea contribute to skin health, giving you an inside-out approach to radiant skin. 

6. Aiding Weight Management, Incorporating water into your weight management journey is essential. It can help control appetite, boost metabolism, and aid in calorie expenditure.

​​7. Detoxification & Waste Removal, Water is the body's natural detoxifier. It helps flush out waste products and toxins through urine, supporting kidney function.

élevé water's commitment to responsible water sourcing aligns with the idea of nurturing your body and the environment simultaneously. Let's ascend together visit

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