Try Coconut Charcoal Deodorant Organic Skincare, Extra-Strength Odor Protection

Feb 23, 2024

Sweat? Try a coconut charcoal deodorant instead! Sweaty pits don’t have to follow your workout – stay protected all day with this all-natural charcoal deodorant by La Sunflower!

Replace odors with a eucalyptus scent!

With everything you need to get done throughout the day, sometimes it’s hard to avoid sweating and the embarrassment of pit stains! That’s why La Sunflower has developed this charcoal deodorant to keep your pits dry … and your clothes stain-free!

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La Sunflower is here to help you stay fresh for a full 24 hours. Its charcoal deodorant continues an ongoing involvement with the supply of non-toxic products that contribute to your beauty and overall well-being… all with natural ingredients. 

Just look at its growing range of organic solutions, with the retailer also providing an entire organic face care line and hair care, alongside health and wellness elixirs. Its charcoal deodorant is part of an expanding body care line - featuring organic bath soaps, lotions, and other all-natural offerings. 

La Sunflower’s charcoal deodorant pairs zinc ricinoleate with magnesium hydroxide for optimal protection against odors. You’ll love its antibacterial properties, bolstered by a combination of eucalyptus and spearmint oil blends.

“Moisture-controlling activated coconut charcoal powerfully binds to toxins and impurities while holding 1000x its weight in moisture,” explains a company representative. They add that the product contains: “Arrowroot powder for stay-dry pits you’ll be happy to hold your arms up for.” 

No sweat!

A few quick swipes on your pits and you’re good to go - the deodorant’s effects will last throughout the day. Recent users have noted its ultra-strong protective qualities, preventing sweat-based odors even through intense workouts or long stretches of physical activity.

By remaining committed to organic , all-natural products, La Sunflower aims to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals or additives found elsewhere. Its charcoal deodorant is an example of its organic-centered approach - you won’t find any aluminum, parabens, or preservatives here!

Based out of Waynesboro, VA, La Sunflower continues to ship products that combine beauty and wellness in pursuit of healthy hygiene. You can contact its expert customer support team at its official website to find optimal organic solutions for your unique needs.

“This is truly one of the first natural deodorants I've tried where I have no odor at all,” describes one user of La Sunflower’s charcoal deodorant. “I've always been a La Sunflower follower and used their earlier formulations - but this time they have the perfect combo of ingredients. Love the scent and the bigger size, too.”

If you’re always on the go, you need coconut charcoal!

Ready to stay sweat-free?

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