Trust This Online Reading Program To Gear Your Child For Academic Success

Sep 11, 2020

Have you noticed some warning signs that your child is having reading and comprehension issues? Worried that he may be on the road to academic failure? Let Reading Head Start help improve those literacy skills!

If you’re looking for an online platform that will teach your child all that’s needed to become a skilled reader and win at life, then check out Reading Head Start. Their fun, simple, and interactive reading program is just what your child needs!

Reading Head Start has announced the availability of its “learn to read” program. The online-based learning platform is aimed at teaching literacy skills for children aged two to nine.

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The newly announced web-based interactive program is strictly for English-speakers. It targets issues like illiteracy, lack of confidence, academic failure, and other reading difficulties that children face at times.

The program’s pediatrician co-founder, Dr. Needlman posits that literacy is the cornerstone on which all of education is built. As such, Dr. Needlman believes that in order for your children to be successful in the area of education they need to start learning to read at an early age.

According to statistics posted on the website, in 2019 only 66% of American students in the 4th Grade met or exceeded the lowest of three standards measured by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP). This indicates that over 30% of the nation’s 4th graders have failed to meet the lowest standard measured by the NAEP.

Given these statistics, Needleman surmised that there is a definite literacy crisis in America’s education system. As such, the online reading program was created. This interactive program features easy and fun lessons with simple approaches.

The virtual platform highlights some of the warning signs that might indicate that your child is at risk of falling behind in reading. Among them are anxiety about reading, difficulty understanding what was read, poor spelling and writing skills, lack of fluency when reading aloud, and being easily distracted. 

The platform’s coordinator advocates you to look for these warning signs in your child so that they could be dealt with at an early stage. Upon detection of the warning signs in your child, you yourself may harbor certain fears concerning your child’s future. Among them is the fear that the child is missing out on and may have a hard life.

Given these and other fears, Dr. Needlman advises that you read aloud to your children from an early age. This will not only help alleviate your worries concerning your child’s future but will also contribute to their intellectual and emotional development.

Reading Head Start’s literacy program was designed to improve comprehension, to develop a literacy foundation, and to promote academic success and confidence in children. The program also aims at giving them a reading advantage above their peers.

You can click on the link above or visit Reading Head Start’s Facebook page for more details.

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