Trilogy Sparks Excitement Among STEM Enthusiasts and Food Critics

Oct 23, 2023

Every day, more consumers realize their health is dominated by what they eat. Three new books, “The Golden Triangle,” “The Farm Program,” and “America’s Dairyland” – delve deep into the USDA-dominated past that has established the most unhealthy diet in the world.,

The Golden Triangle: A Journey Through Agricultural History

In "The Golden Triangle," T H. Harbinger takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through the annals of agricultural history. Through vivid storytelling and meticulous research, Harbinger uncovers the secrets of ancient farming civilizations and explores the pivotal moments that shaped the agricultural landscape of today. From the earliest sod-busting work of the homesteaders to the present agri-business of industrial farming that transformed global agriculture, this book serves as a gripping prologue to the trilogy, setting the stage for the revelations to come. A surprising success story is the farming methods of the Hutterite colonies that thrive in the golden triangle of Montana.

The Farm Program: How Food Became So Unhealthy

"The Farm Program" confronts the challenges of modern agriculture head-on. T H. Harbinger dissects the current agricultural practices that strain the environment and produce ingredients for processed food. With passion and precision, he presents a bold vision led by a University of Illinois professor for a new farming paradigm. This book isn't just a critique; it's a comprehensive solution. Harbinger details the exploits of a professor whose work to improve grain quality was undermined by Big Ag for over 30 years. The planet and an unhealthy diet are now here for generations to come.

America's Dairyland: The Undermining of 14,000 Dairy Farms

In "America's Dairyland," T H. Harbinger zooms in on one of the cornerstones of the agricultural world: dairy farming. Through heartwarming stories and eye-opening facts, he sheds light on the challenges faced by dairy farmers. In 1988, Kraft Cheese began a devious plan to take advantage of a flaw in the USDA milk pricing process to raise profits to record levels. As a consequence, milk prices became unstable causing thousands of small farms to lose their financial footing. Now today the USDA is looking to close this loophole.

About T.H. Harbinger

T.H. Harbinger is a renowned expert in farming methods and machinery highlighting the need for STEM in agriculture. His career in aerospace and on and off-road vehicle controls has blossomed into a deep understanding of the US food system. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to positive change, T H. Harbinger's work has inspired farmers, policymakers, and everyday citizens to rethink their relationship with the land and the food they eat.

About Insights on Innovation

Insights on Innovation is proud to present T.H. Harbinger's groundbreaking trilogy to the world. As a platform dedicated to uncovering untold stories and bringing out the STEM that influences society, Insights on Innovation recognizes the importance of Harbinger's work in shaping a sustainable future for all. The trilogy is available for purchase at, where readers can delve into a world of knowledge and discovery.

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