This Kids’ Book About Sibling Competition & Rivalry Teaches Compassion & Love

Nov 9, 2023

Teach your kids that their siblings are their brother half with the latest book by Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt! “Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Love” will help your kids learn the importance of love.

While it’s normal for children to fight, they should also learn to control their anger. Sibling rivalry is nothing new - but kids need to manage themselves so that they treat their siblings with love and respect.

But how do you teach them about sibling love? This illustrated children’s book can help. “Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Love” is the fifth kid’s book by Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt. The beautifully illustrated read-along book teaches children that while rivalry between siblings may exist, family members should always be treated with love and respect.

The book highlights a common problem that many families face. For most young couples with small children, sibling rivalry is a normal occurrence. However, because young children haven’t yet developed proper communication skills, sibling rivalry can lead to physical fights, tantrums, or even excessive crying.

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Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt introduces you to several characters. Aside from twin boys, Elon and Dax, you will also meet brothers Dillan and Lucas, brother and sister Bella and Zac, and brothers Elliot and Luki. Each sibling pair has its own struggles with jealousy and miscommunication, but the book reminds children that family should always be treated with love and kindness.

For example, brothers Elliot and Luki have a significant age difference. Elliot is only a toddler and Luki is his older brother. Luki often feels ignored by his parents and dislikes the attention that Elliot sometimes receives. This triggers him to say mean things to Elliot when he could’ve instead chosen to say things in a nicer way. “Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Love” teaches kids how to develop empathy and practice self-awareness.

And this is the most important thing! Children are taught that it’s perfectly OKAY to feel angry or jealous, but they can learn how to speak with kindness instead.

Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt draws from her own experiences to write her children’s books. The life coach and businesswoman is also a single mother of four-year-old twins. She believes that modern-day kids’ books should have easily recognizable characters so that children and their parents can better appreciate the story being told.

Her other books include “Cheetah and Sloth”, “Ratzeputz and Zuri”, and “Rufus finds more time”. All her books can be bought as a physical copy or downloaded as an ebook after purchase.

Studies suggest that sibling rivalry affects almost all families, with a disagreement between two siblings occurring every hour for younger children. This rivalry tends to lessen as the children grow older or if the family adds new members.

Schmitt-Bylandt writes, "Parents and siblings will quickly recognize everyday situations in their own lives after reading these revealing stories. Sibling conflicts end with the most valuable advice parents can give: Brothers and sisters everywhere, you have a unique bond, so take special care."

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