Book Kristy Woodson Harvey For Literary Events, Festivals, & Book Club Meets

Nov 4, 2023

Have you ever wanted the perspective of a successful author at your event? NYT Best Seller, Kristy Woodson Harvey, is now available to book for private speaking engagements!

Print media is dead, long live print!

At least, that's what many people would have you believe. For some reason, the idea that publishing books is no longer a viable career path has gained traction in recent years, when in reality, the total inverse is true. People are hungrier than ever for good fiction, and if you are reading this, you are probably among them.

The truth is that the publishing industry in 2023 is a dynamic and often misunderstood thing - something that only an insider can truly understand. If you're anything like me, though, that revelation does nothing to quiet your curiosity.

Enter: Kristy Woodson Harvey. An award-winning author, blogger, podcast host, and seasoned public speaker, Harvey has the answers we are all seeking. She has seen the publishing industry evolve over the past few years, and she is more than eager to talk about it. The best part? She is now available for private event booking.

For more information, visit

That's right: through this booking service, you can now get the thoughts and perspectives of one of the nation's foremost rising literary stars! This announcement comes following the release of her tenth major novel, The Summer Of Songbirds, which has seen massive nationwide success in the three months since its launch.

Kristy is the ideal event guest if you are hoping to get some insight into the publishing world in 2023, which is often misunderstood by outsiders. Kristy, having just released a novel, understands the resources and determination required to have a literary career in the modern age!

Do you have a book club? If so, you will be excited to know that she is willing to appear to speak on The Summer Of Songbirds regarding her influences, inspirations, and process in the creation of the story. The narrative is her most ambitious to date, weaving multiple perspectives and time frames into a cohesive, unique story.

The novel follows a multi-generational tale of friendship, romance, and personal hardship, enveloped in Harvey’s signature brand of feel-good fiction. The title has been a hit with book clubs, earning numerous awards and being recognized by the likes of Good Morning America for its influence on the world of women’s literature.

In the time since the novel hit the market, Kristy has been hard at work on the screen adaptation of her Peachtree Bluff series, which will see her make her screenwriting debut on NBC. She also continues to appear on the Friends Of Fiction podcast alongside many of her contemporaries and a rotating cast of guests from the writing world.

When you book Kristy for your event, you will be able to hear about all of these exploits and more. Enjoy a Q&A with the author, or open a dialogue about her latest work - the choice is yours!

To book Kristy, you will need to contact her agent; contact information is available on her website at the link below. There, Kristy also posts frequent updates about her travels and projects. Copies of ‘The Summer Of Songbirds’ are available to purchase there as well.

For all things Kristy Woodson Harvey, visit

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