Tribe Technology Announces Launch Of Flagship Community Platform & Social Software

Jun 5, 2019

Tribe Technologies announced the launch of Tribe, its flagship brand networking social media forum and online community platform. The software is used to set up a moderated, customized, AI-powered interactive community hub for individuals and brands and features seamless integration with more than 20 apps.

  • tribe technology announces launch of flagship community platform amp social soft
  • tribe technology announces launch of flagship community platform amp social soft

Online community platform software developer Tribe Technologies announced the launch of its flagship collaboration & brand networking social media forum product. Tribe is a cloud-based white label social platform where users connect and engage with brands in new ways.

More information about Tribe is available at

The Toronto-headquartered development firm introduced Tribe as an alternative to static forums and other conventional methods of building connections between end users, customers, businesses, employees, vendors, and management. Tribe is an integrated brand solution to feature products and services, track social feedback, start discussions, answer questions, and connect with other users.

Tribe is available in three versions—Basic, Premium, and Enterprise, with app support, staff and active user management, and full customization. Tribe can be blended into an existing site or can be used to create a standalone community hub on a custom domain. The product features seamless integration with today's most relevant social and productivity apps including Calendly, Slack, Shopify, Facebook Messenger, Intercom, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, and more than 20 apps.

The community software also features a machine-learned activity feed, multiple content types, AI user engagement, user behaviour tracking, group creation, analytics, and workflow automation. Tribe offers a custom community engine, robust administration and moderation tools, user management, role definition, and other management tools.

Tribe allows users to engage with the people and interests within their communities. Tribe allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their community, retain customers, build networks, and power growth.

According to a spokesperson for Tribe Technologies, "We believe that empowered online communities are the key to increasing how brands, organizations, and companies engage and communicate with their key internal and external stakeholders. Tribe brings together the best features of forums, social media, e-commerce, and gamification to a single platform to drive authentic, user-generated traffic growth."

Tribe Technologies is a software development company headquartered in Toronto in the SaaS industry. More information is available at the URL above.

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