Treatments For Weight Loss Inflammation And Chronic Pain In Scottsdale AZ

Jan 22, 2021

Health Cellutions’ unique integration of cellular health and data-driven technology allows you to get treated quicker and naturally. Their team of experts will help you with weight loss, hormonal imbalance, chronic pain, and inflammation and slow down the aging process.

Health Cellutions based in Scottsdale, AZ brings you its range of regenerative health and performance services that are designed to treat your health concerns at the cellular level. This approach inherently promotes longevity and healing. Their use of advanced technologies helps in weight loss, reduction of pain and inflammation, increase energy, and corrects hormonal imbalance. They will create a personalized workout and nutrition plan for you to rebuild your body.

With the announcement of their services, this firm aims to promote a proactive, longevity driven lifestyle, through a combination of technologies, evidence-based exercises, and nutrition science. The therapies offered focus on weight management, reducing fatigue, and improving mental health and vitality. Addressing your health deficits at the cellular level slows down aging and promotes longevity.

Chronic pains such as arthritis, joint pain, and tennis elbow can be treated by the regenerative pain therapy provided by Health Cellutions. These do not involve prescriptions, painkillers, and invasive surgeries. The PEMF pulse therapy increases cell oxygenation, enhances hydration, and facilitates detoxification in the body. This therapy enhances your nutrient absorption that will hasten the healing process and reduce pain.

Chronic inflammation is treated by utilizing Live O2 Oxygen Therapy, Cryotherapy, and infrared saunas. These treatments promote anti-inflammation and help reduce your joint and muscle pain. Sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic pains can be efficiently cured by these treatments. After successfully reducing pain and inflammation, the therapists at Health Cellutions will integrate a safe, low impact exercise program for you to rebuild strength and balance.

The PNOE metabolic testing gives a 360-degree view of your body metabolism, and heart and lung functions. Based on this information, the team of experts at Health Cellutions can create a personalized nutrition and workout plan.

A balanced level of estrogen and testosterone is important for various activities. Any imbalance can cause mood swings, lack of energy, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and more. At Health Cellutions various modalities are used to naturally promote your hormonal balance and bladder function.

Health Cellutions was founded by Dr. Brian Thompson to focus on the body’s ability to heal itself and to address the underlying problem rather than the symptoms. For more information visit their website at You can call them on +1-480-553-9171.

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