Treat Insomnia & Sleep Better For Longer With Drug-Free Hypoallergenic REM Patch

Mar 28, 2023

When was the last time you got a full night’s sleep? The Super Patch Company’s REM Patch will have you sleeping deeply through the night with no side effects and a money-back guarantee!

Treat Insomnia & Sleep Better For Longer With Drug-Free Hypoallergenic REM Patch

You can’t beat the benefits of a good night’s sleep when it comes to staying healthy and energized, but despite your best efforts, they may be hard to come by. Life’s many demands likely leave you with barely seven hours to spare, and those hours are often spent with more tossing and turning than any real rest.

Healthy sleep is one of the keys to living your best life, and that life just got a lot easier to unlock with the groundbreaking REM Patch, the first completely drug-free and noninvasive sleep-aid of its kind.

To see how the REM Patch can unlock your best night’s sleep, visit

The FDA-registered REM Patch is the latest in a series of wellness patches developed by The Super Patch Company. Using their unique vibrotactile technology, ridges etched in the patch trigger nerves in your skin upon contact, sending calming signals to your brain which induce a deep, restful sleep state.

Ongoing studies from the Sleep Foundation have found that over 30% of working adults are sleeping six hours or less per night. Chronic sleep deficiency increases your risk for many serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression, in addition to the many negative impacts that it has on your cognitive functions and quality of life.

The Super Patch Company developed the REM Patch to treat this epidemic of sleep deficiency without incurring the side effects and grogginess you risk with drug-based sleep aids, while still offering a solution simple enough that it won’t disrupt your busy schedule. After exhaustive research and testing, they were able to engineer a vibrotactile pattern that soothes your brain into falling asleep faster and for longer, so that you can get the restorative rest you deserve.

Like all Super Patches, the REM Patch is skin-safe, paraben and latex-free, and hypoallergenic. Designed to be as easy, accessible, and unobtrusive as possible, it really is as simple as applying the patch, like you would a sticker or bandage, and allowing the vibrotactile pattern to stimulate your neurological pathways.

Described as a neural QR code, the REM Patch functions on similar principles as acupuncture or reflexology, but on a more subtle level, to hack your nervous system's natural rhythms and patterns to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

A spokesperson for the company shared on the philosophy behind their technology, saying that “we believe the power of the human body and mind can do amazing things, and that tapping into that power - not just tricking it with a temporary disguise - is possible.”

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