Traveling The Trans Bhutan Trail: Connect With Unspoiled Culture & Nature

Apr 18, 2024

If you’re looking for an adventure with a difference, Ever Wonder Adventure’s new Trans Bhutan Trail guide explains the cultural and natural wonders that await in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Sustainable Tourism

Mass tourism destinations often feel just like the rat-race you were trying to escape, and they’re also very harmful to the environment. That’s where sustainable tourism comes into play, and Ever Wonder Adventure explains how the Trans Bhutan Trail is leading the charge.

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Before we get into details, this growing series of adventure guides is only made possible because of purchases from their merch store. So, once you’ve got your Bhutan plans in order, consider buying some adventure travel apparel to wear on your journey.

The untouched cultural and natural wonders of Bhutan made it an obvious choice for inclusion in this sustainable travel series. Ever Wonder Adventure’s guide explains some of the rewarding experiences you can expect, along with links for booking your adventure.

“Bhutanese culture and heritage flourish along the Trans Bhutan Trail,” a company representative explained. “Engaging with locals at homestays like Tshering Farmhouse reveals ancestral wisdom. Bhutan's preservation of its traditions enriches the journey, forging a genuine connection between nature, culture, and the traveler's inner harmony.”

Supporting The Local Environment & Communities

A not-for-profit sustainable tourism initiative, the Trans Bhutan Trail offers 10 different itineraries ranging from 5-nights to 35-nights in duration. The organization states that all profits from bookings go towards the upkeep of the trail and supporting the communities who live along its path.

With the new guide, Ever Wonder Adventure aims to better prepare you for what to expect during your trip, as well as how you can maximize your spiritual experience.

About Ever Wonder Adventure

In addition to the Trans Bhutan Trail, Ever Wonder Adventure’s travel guide series now includes pieces on Puerto Princesa, Costa Rica, Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle, Rotorua, and more. The firm is also now covering a variety of environmental conservation issues, such as protecting sea turtles and reducing food waste.

“Ever Wonder Adventure aims to foster awareness and commitment to restore the balance between humanity and nature,” the company continues. “The continuation of our mission is made possible by purchases from our merchandise store, so we encourage those who enjoy our travel guides to take a moment and discover our growing line.”

Ready for an adventure that also makes a difference? Discover why Bhutan should definitely be on your to-do list.

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