Travel Agent Rate Booking Site Gives Long-Term Stay Discounts To Digital Nomads

Apr 23, 2024

With Travorium as your trusty travel partner, you will be able to secure travel agency rates on long-term bookings worldwide and get the best travel inclusions the more you book.

Thanks to Travorium, the world will really be your oyster. If you’re a digital nomad, they’re excited to now be connecting you with the best nomad-friendly stays worldwide and a new way to make money as you travel.

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A New Way To Stay For Digital Nomads In Search of Long-Term Travel Options

The newly launched membership travel platform has quickly grown acclaim for its discounted holiday packages, travel agency booking rates and trip inclusions. Now, Travorium is expanding into long-term stays for digital nomads.

While more and more people are hitting the road as digital nomads, as a slew of recent think pieces by digital nomads indicate, the costs for this lifestyle remain higher than the dream image that is typically touted, especially due to the inflated costs associated with Airbnb and other forms of temporary accommodation.

This is why Travorium is so excited to be expanding their booking services to better cater to digital nomads like yourself and ensuring you can take advantage of better prices wherever you go.

Get The Best Accommodation & The Best Prices

As many of the travel agents behind Travorium are digital nomads themselves, they appreciate that as a digital nomad, you are looking for comfortable hotel or resort stays with reliable Wi-Fi, a balance of good shared spaces and privacy, and a convenient time zone for US business hours.

That’s why they are bringing you new accommodation options at hugely discounted rates in desirable locations like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and even Las Vegas in the US.

In addition to offering you travel agent rates on long-term stays, many of their booking packages also come with incredible inclusions like rental cars—which many digital nomads prefer for the freedom, flexibility and practicality.

Make Money As You Travel With Travorium

The best part is, as Travorium is a membership booking platform, it can also offer you a referral commissions scheme, whereby you can generate further discounts on the trips you book with the platform by recommending it to others.

The travel agents behind the platform are currently holding a demo for interested digital nomads like you. If you want to find out more about the platform and how it works, this is a quick way for you to see how you can start saving and earning!

A representative for the Travorium team said, “In our new demo, we will show you how you can embark on life-changing world tours without having to spend the time, money, or effort in putting together trips of that magnitude.”

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