TransTech North Carolina CDL School Top 3 Student Questions Answered

Feb 28, 2021

TransTech truck driver training school answers three of the top frequently asked questions from prospective students. We hope these questions and answers, along with many more on our website, will aid you in deciding if this is the right career for you.

TransTech has published a list of three top questions asked by prospective students like you who are considering truck driving training school and obtaining your Class A DCL License. We strive to provide as much valuable information as possible to help those of you who are trying determine if a career as a highly sought after over-the-road truck driver is the right choice.

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Our website answers 20 of the most frequently asked questions from potential students. Below is a sample of three of the most common questions.

Is truck driving a good career choice? – Trucking is one of the most stable, high-demand industries in the country. Nearly every product or service in America benefits from trucking, so there is always a constant demand for truck drivers in every area and every sector of the economy. Truck driving is also a highly paid profession that allows you to provide a higher standard of living for your family.

It offers excellent benefits, including medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, and compensation incentives. Driving a truck also gives people the opportunity to travel the country and see new places while getting paid to do it. Many people enjoy the lifestyle freedom that truck driving offers, while others love the high pay and the unmatched job security it provides.

What will I learn in CDL training school? – At TransTech you will spend time behind the wheel of the truck learning backing, turning, shifting, and coupling and uncoupling a trailer. TransTech uses a closed course driving range to practice these skills before letting you out onto a public street. TransTech combines rural, city, and highway driving situations so that you will have the most real-world experience possible.

You will be taught about the Department of Transportation’s safety regulations and operating procedures and will learn how to perform a safety inspection before ever getting on the road. At TransTech you will not only gain what you need to know to drive a truck; but what you need to know to be a safe, prosperous and professional truck driver.

How long can I expect to be away from home? – Just like your pay scale, your amount of home time will vary slightly from company to company. Some companies will only require a driver to be away for five days, while others will have drivers out for three weeks before heading back. However, the industry average for over-the-road truck drivers is 10 to 14 days away from home at a time. The basic rule of thumb for the trucking industry is that you will earn one day of home time every week spent on the road. So, if you are out for two weeks, you will be able to come home for 2 to 3 days before being routed back on the road.

Many trucking companies have policies regarding home time, such as promising drivers that they will be home 2 out of 3 weekends a month or giving them “personal days.” It’s important to remember that trucking is a career that will take you away from your home and your family for some period, so be prepared to make that sacrifice if you choose to become a truck driver.

For more information on these topics and answers to other frequently asked questions, call TransTech at 828-464-8001 or click the link above.

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