Transforming The Future Of Virtual Reality Content Delivery For Groups

Sep 20, 2020

Experience the future of VR for small to medium audiences with VR Sync 360° group playback software. Visit for more information about VR Sync for your business.

The simulated reality of VR has been mainstream for some years now but is still years away from overcoming the struggle of creating a seamless user experience, especially in the broadcast arena. VR Sync, the latest in virtual reality content management is set to change that. 

As VR headsets become more affordable, content creators are looking for new ways to manage content delivery to multiple platforms. VR Sync achieves this through a proprietary dashboard-based system developed to handle video, audio, and image formats.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to manage VR content distribution for large audiences, VR Sync offers unmatched value and great quality to educators, corporations, film studios, and independent content creators.

VR Sync is designed to manage and deliver 2D and 3D 360° virtual reality content to individuals and group viewers of theater productions, cinematic VR, press previews, and fashion shows.

The shared virtual reality platform supports secure 4K secure content for confidential briefings and socially distanced conferences. VR Sync supports synchronized VR training, VR-powered technical workshops, and school-level and university-level classroom instruction. Other use cases include on-location synchronized facility tours, sales presentations, and hospital visits.

Content creators and publishers can use the VR Sync Dashboard to upload up to 10 content files with a maximum file size of 5GB. VR Sync supports a wide range of video and image formats including monoscopic and stereoscopic 360° equirectangular and YouTube 360° equiangular 4K video projection. The platform supports content with subtitles, spatial audio in Two Big Ears (.tbe) format.

VR Sync is available as a 72-hour full-feature free trial and competitive per-device pricing starting at €5 per headset, per week. The company also offers custom quotes for specific enterprise-level VR content management needs.

VR Sync is a brand of VR Owl, a Netherlands-based virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions company. VR Sync is the preferred solution for some of the world’s largest brands including Adidas, Porsche, Nikon, SalesForce, and the United Nations. 

Visit for more information about VR Sync for your business.

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