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Apr 10, 2024

Call Pace Law Firm (844-722-3529) if you’re looking for professional help with the valuation of financial assets and the property division process during your divorce, so you and your spouse can receive a fair share.

Divorce often signifies the start of a new chapter, but it can also bring financial uncertainty – with some difficult decisions to make. By working with the legal professionals at Pace Law Firm, you can safeguard your financial well-being and lay the foundation for a secure future.

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The Ontario Family Law Act provides specific limitations for filing claims for property division. Pace Law Firm addresses any concerns by ensuring that claims are filed within the specified time. The team deals with cases of unjust enrichment as part of their family law practice.

The firm consults on complex cases of Equalization of Net Family Property, accounting for Net Family Property of each spouse and making all the applicable deductions to ensure each party involved gets their fair share of the equalization payment. The firm's lawyers work to secure exceptions to the standard equalization process when an unequal division of property is justified, always prioritizing the client's best interests.

No stone is left unturned

The team at Pace Law Firm understands the importance of accurately valuing assets for fair division. As such, the firm will thoroughly review all your documents, including deeds, bank and investment statements, and loan statements, to ensure that every asset is accurately evaluated and accounted for in the settlement.

Pace Law Firm covers several practice areas, including personal injury, immigration, and corporate law, reflecting their versatility and personalized client-focused approach.

About Pace Law

Pace Law is a multiservice law firm with over four decades of experience in the legal industry, offering services to clients across Ontario with offices in Toronto, Collingwood, Kenora, and Markham. With a team of over 160 legal professionals, it strives to provide a client-first approach, offering guidance and assistance at each step of the legal process.

"The real-world application of the principles governing equalization of net family property and the common law claims of unjust enrichment and resulting trust can be complex and are subject to many variables which can have a significant impact on your case," notes a spokesperson for the firm. "At Pace Law, we have been serving the community for over 40 years, securing a high success rate and reasonable outcome for all our clients."

Don't let your divorce cause any unintentional issues – make sure your assets are divided fairly. Speak to Pace Law Firm!

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