Toronto Real Estate Firm joins eXp Realty

Mar 17, 2023

In a strategic move to better serve their clients in the Greater Toronto Area and to further expand the company globally, Mary Taylor Real Estate has aligned with an innovative cloud based brokerage.

Toronto Real Estate Firm joins eXp Realty

As part of Mary Taylor 's ongoing effort to improve the brokerage services offered to clients, the Toronto-based real estate agent has moved her company, Mary Taylor Real Estate to a new brokerage firm, eXp Realty Inc. of Canada.

Mary Taylor spoke highly of the change in brokerage firms, saying " I am excited to join eXp Realty of Canada and its global network of over 85,000 agents. The cloud based brokerage's estate eXpertise, eXceptional client services, and eXpotential business opportunities are closely aligned with my business goals. Furthermore eXp will allow me to capture business opportunities that traditional brokerages simply can not."

eXp Realty is known for its cutting edge end to end technology, Its national and international agent collaboration and its agent ownership through stock options. The brokerage's fundamental driving force is best described by its core values: Service, Sustainability, Collaboration, Transparency.

Full details about the change can be viewed on the website:

Reporting Q1 2022 financials in gross sales revenues of $1.0 Billion and real estate transaction volumes of of $41.4 Billion, ranks eXp Realty as one of the fastest growing global brokerage. As of end of 2022 eXp will be effectively operating in 21 different countries. The company is one of very few brokerages where their global reach allows eXp agents to promote their properties to buyers around the world.

This new partnership will provide a full line of residential estate services for first time home buyers, personal and corporate re-locations and families looking to move up in particular. In addition Mary Taylor welcomes all clients who need brokerage services in Commercial, Land, and Tenancy.

With offices located within the Greater Toronto Area, Mary Taylor Real Estate brokered by eXp Realty Inc. of Canada will service the Greater Toronto Area and the cities of Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga and Central Toronto. Property types include single family homes, condominiums and town homes, multi-family units and live/work properties.

All those with questions are invited to get in touch with Mary Taylor via the website, https://[email protected]

To request a consultation please contact Mary Taylor via website at:

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