Top Tax Consultant Helps Professional Service Providers Secure ERTC/ERC Refunds

Jul 23, 2023

With, you can secure the money you deserve from the IRS for keeping your business running through the pandemic. Secure your ERTC refund with the help of experts in the field!

With the deadline for ERTC claims approaching, now's the best time to talk to an expert about your eligibility. You could be owed a big, fat check from the IRS for keeping your staff employed during shutdowns!

Thanks to, you don't have to go through the process alone. Let the team work their magic for you - and get the maximum refund!

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Rather than applying blind and hoping to secure a refund, you can pre-qualify your application prior to filing for financial aid. helps to maximize the refund and minimize the threat of disruption by providing documentation that meets IRS requirements.

The ERTC program is available to businesses with fewer than 500 employees that experienced revenue losses or partial suspensions of their operations due to government shutdown orders. You can receive up to $26,000 per W-2 employee in 2020 and 2021 for keeping workers on payroll during the pandemic.

Many small business owners are unaware of the ERTC or believe their companies do not qualify. In reality, most businesses can receive substantial refunds by amending prior years' tax returns to claim the credits - but the complexity of ERTC qualification rules has prevented countless companies from accessing these funds. has helped around 4,000 clients secure more than $3.4 billion in tax credits. The firm's tax professionals and ERTC specialists guide you through the complex application process to maximize your refunds, with a special focus on small businesses with limited resources.

Importantly, if you received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, you can still qualify for the ERTC. The programs work in conjunction, so you remain eligible for substantial ERTC refunds, but many small businesses are unaware of this opportunity.

Another misconception is that you must have fully suspended operations to qualify for the ERTC. However, a partial suspension - such as reduced hours or capacity limits - meets the requirements.

A recent client said: " are the experts when it comes to helping get the ERC. They do an excellent job walking you through the steps of what is needed for them to move forward, and make sure you're approved before any additional steps are taken. They're knowledgeable and take care of everything for you. I highly recommend you reach out to them and see how much they can obtain for you."

If you want professional help with your ERTC claim, you're only a click away!

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