Top San Diego Design Firm Brings Luxury Communal Areas To Student Accommodation

Jun 15, 2023

San Diego Office Design (+1-619-610-9358) has introduced an entirely new approach to student living, with the new StateSide project focused on creating a supportive and collaborative community.

Combining the latest design concepts from the commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors, San Diego Office Design has pulled out all the stops for the Stateside student apartment development.

The award-winning local design house created unique luxury communal spaces that remind you more of a boutique hotel than the student digs of your own university years. Given the importance of student well-being, that’s no bad thing, and it kinda makes me want to be at college all over again.

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The concept shows the versatility of San Diego Office Design, with an impressive portfolio that includes workspace redesign, retail, residential, senior living, and hospitality. The firm brings your own project to life with end-to-end involvement, from initial concept, through to planning, architecture, millwork, sustainable furniture, and project oversight.

With remote and hybrid working becoming more commonplace, many businesses are reconsidering the function and layout of their office spaces. Activity-based working, hoteling, and more opportunities for collaboration are some of the latest design trends. The new way of thinking is aimed at fostering employee well-being and a positive workplace culture.

As San Diego Office Design explains, the same ideas can be applied to student accommodation, and the new StateSide project effectively combines collaborative study areas with more private 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments to create a safe and supportive environment. The firm’s signature feature is a luxury sky deck giving you panoramic views over SDSU, and also incorporating sustainable furniture from local suppliers.

“We’re a full-service interior design and furniture firm in San Diego, and we serve clients right across the country,” a company representative explained. “We help organizations like yours create spaces that inspire collaboration, creativity, and connection to your brand.”

The San Diego Business Journal recently recognized lead designer and CEO Tamara Romeo as one of the “Top 50 Women of Influence in Architecture and Design.” A proud alumnus of SDSU, Tamara leads a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects, and project managers, with the firm now one of the largest commercial interior design houses in the wider San Diego region.

“I met the StateSide team at an event they hosted SDSU's campus, and it seems like such a great community to be part of,” one student recently stated. “It’s so close to campus and the building is literally brand new, so it looks like a great choice for college housing. In fact, I think it’s hard to beat.”

For modern interiors that have culture at their heart, see the award-winning team at Sand Diego Office Design.

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