Top Safe Center Console Booster Seat For Small Dogs & Kittens Is Easy To Install

Nov 15, 2022

Keep your dog, and yourself, safe while in the car using this center console booster seat. Designed for your dog’s safety and comfort, it’s easy to install, can be removed in seconds, and is fully washable.

Top Safe Center Console Booster Seat For Small Dogs & Kittens Is Easy To Install

We all want to keep our pets safe while we’re driving, but that’s easier said than done.

Unless your puppy is extremely well trained, they’re unlikely to want to stay in one spot while you’re driving – unless that spot is extremely comfortable and designed just for them.

Research suggests that tens of thousands of car accidents happen in the United States every year due to pet owners being distracted by improperly seated animals, with only approximately 16% of pet owners properly restraining their animals while driving. This car seat and booster from Emersware makes it easy to keep your small dogs or kittens safe, and out of the driver’s way.

Visit to see all the safety features, and how to make sure your dog is a perfect fit.

A recent survey by the American Automobile Association suggests that up to 80% of pet owners drive with their animals in the car, but the vast majority of those drivers do not own or use proper seats for their pets, in part because they are often difficult to install and remove. The booster seat from Emersware has been designed to easily strap into place for trips using sturdy velcro straps; it is also removable in seconds when your journey is over.

For extra convenience, the dog booster seat has been made to fit in a standard center console, whether your console opens vertically or horizontally. This allows your dog to be seated in the middle of the front seat next to the driver, or optionally in any other seat that contains an armrest.

This convenience does come at a cost, as the new dog seat is only able to accommodate dogs or kittens up to 6 kg (13.2 lbs). However, due to its small size, the booster is simple to remove, easy to store, and fully washable. It contains several high-density compressable sponges for comfort, which can be removed through a zipper opening before washing.

Improving on previous versions of similar dog boosters, this seat from Emersware includes extra strapping to provide more security, stiffer walls that do not easily collapse, and enough additional space to add several small pillows for your dog’s comfort. The stiffer walls also allow the booster to be freestanding, so it can be placed anywhere without needing the velcro straps when the car is not in motion.

The booster was also designed with the wants of your pets in mind and allows dogs to have a clear, wide-angle view of their surroundings, while still being safely enclosed. The booster is available in two unique designs that you can check out on the company’s website.

Keeping your small dog safe while driving has never been easier, it’s just seconds to install, seconds to remove, and your dog doesn’t even have to get out of the booster first.

Visit to learn more, or to see the different available styles.

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