Top Reconstructive Surgery Practice Treats Children’s Lacerations In Freehold

Nov 22, 2022

Whether riding a bike or playing around in the yard, many kids cut themselves with something sharp accidentally. If the laceration is serious, help your child go through this traumatic injury with compassion and adequate care at Atlantic Surgical Associates PA (732-402-8191)!

Top Reconstructive Surgery Practice Treats Children's Lacerations In Freehold

Did your child just cut its finger with the knife while “helping” you in the kitchen? If it’s just a small scratch - don’t worry, it would heal fast. But if the cut is too deep and doesn’t stop bleeding, then head to Atlantic Surgical Associates PA!

The West Long Branch, New Jersey-based practice, led by board-certified surgeon Dr. Volshteyn, helps young patients who require medical attention after an incident that lead to a tear in the skin. While emergency room physicians and pediatricians recommend addressing a child’s laceration within an eight-hour time frame, Atlantic Surgical Associates PA utilizes advanced techniques that allow it to repair skin cuts even after 24 hours.

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As part of its emergency laceration repair services, Dr. Volshteyn is available to meet you and your child at one of the emergency rooms in Monmouth County. After examining the severity of the wound, the surgeon would recommend the most feasible course of treatment for your kid's injury.

"The procedure is similar to repairing a tear in clothing," a spokesperson for the practice says. "Pediatricians, emergency room physicians, and surgeons usually repair lacerations. The main goals are to stop bleeding, prevent infection, preserve function, and restore appearance."

Atlantic Surgical Associates PA notes that most insurance policies cover the repair of lacerations in children by a sub-specialist. If you are willing to have your child's cut treated by a surgeon but lack insurance coverage, you can opt for an all-cash payment with the practice that includes a consultation, surgical treatment, and a three-month follow-up.

The team at the practice advises that cuts that are small and have only impacted your child's skin generally need minor treatment at home. More severe tears that have affected the tendon, nerves, blood vessels, muscle, or bone, however, are likely to require emergency medical assistance, the specialists note.

Atlantic Surgical Associates PA recommends you seek emergency laceration repair services should your child's wound bleed heavily, involves fat or muscle tissue, or affect the proper functioning of the surrounding area. You also need to contact the practice if there is dirt and debris in the wound, or if the cut extends through the nose, mouth, ears, or other vital organs of your child.

About Atlantic Surgical Associates PA

Atlantic Surgical Associates PA specializes in cosmetic reconstructive, and trauma plastic surgery. The practice caters to patients of all ages and is experienced in treating broken bones, animal bites, and injuries resulting from car or job-related accidents, helping patients improve their overall health and quality of life.

Treat your child's cut at Atlantic Surgical Associates PA - no scars guaranteed!

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