Top-Rated Store Security To Protect Your Gilroy, CA Business From Vagrant Crime

Apr 16, 2021

Get customized vagrant prevention and security for your commercial premises in Gilroy, CA. Call 408-649-8386 or visit to schedule a commercial security assessment for your store or office today.

Is your store, office, or commercial facility struggling to deal with problems caused by vagrancy? Call Valiant Private Security for a customized commercial security program that protects your employees, customers, and premises from the risk of crime and indecency.

The licensed security services provider in Gilroy has launched a vagrancy prevention program in response to a statewide surge in homelessness. Business owners across the state continue to struggle with public health and law and order issues associated with transient and homeless people.

Valiant Private Security helps your team identify ways to improve the security of your premises and protect your customers from being accosted or harassed. Other problems with unsheltered persons include public indecency, burglary, and littering. A special report by NBC4 also highlights the lack of access to public restrooms as a contributing factor to public urination and defection near local businesses.

Commercial property security experts in Gilroy, CA employ trained and motivated security officers who provide proactive access control and asset protection services to houses of worship, retail stores, banks, strip malls, hotels, supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, shopping centers, and other businesses.

Valiant Private Security deploys armed foot patrol officers who ensure that your employees, vendors, and customers are safe from lewd or anti-social behavior, disturbances, or interruptions during and after business hours.

The Gilroy, CA private business security company ensures that all security officers are trained in first aid, de-escalation techniques, crowd control, and threat suppression in conjunction with local law enforcement. All Valiant Private Security personnel are trained to ensure a safe operational environment while upholding human dignity.

Valiant Private Security is a licensed security service company based in Campbell, CA serving businesses in Gilroy, Fremont, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Scott’s Valley, and Santa Cruz. The company specializes in armed private security, patrol services, alarm response, commercial and residential security.

Call 408-649-8386 or visit to schedule a commercial security assessment for your store or office today.

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