Top-Rated Electrician Protects Clover, SC Homes Through Professional Inspections

Aug 8, 2023

Plug electrical issues before they start – call Starnes Electric in Clover, South Carolina, for expert inspections and emergency electrical services.

When it comes to home electrics, wiring is typically out of sight, out of mind. Starnes Electric is here to say that this needs to change! Make sure your electrical system is running smoothly with the help of its top-rated technicians in Clover.

It doesn't have to be up to you to prevent electrical fires caused by faulty or aging electrical fixtures and wiring: it all starts with a call to Starnes Electric. The company's 24/7 emergency services, system inspections, installation, repair, and maintenance services are available for all your electrical needs.

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According to FEMA reports, electrical fires at residential properties have increased by 11% over the last decade, with over 24,000 fires reported in 2022. Unacceptable! The team at Starnes Electric is here to help, prioritizing electrical system safety on every installation and maintenance call to protect you and your household.

"It's always wiser to invest some time and money in making sure that at least one common fire hazard is unlikely," explains a company spokesperson, "than having to pick up the pieces of what's left after a fire."

Licensed electricians at Starnes Electric can determine the condition of your home's electrical installation. They can help you avoid costly mishaps brought on by faulty or exposed wiring, overloaded outlets, burnt fuses, and old electrical systems. Was your property built before 1975? If so, booking an inspection is even more critical to ensure safe grounding for all sockets and switches.

Your safety is the primary concern for the professionals at Starnes Electric. That's what influences their inspection approach and their installations of whole-home surge protection systems, home wiring modifications, and more. The company's electrical system installations and maintenance options cover your home automation systems, outdoor lighting, generators, and electrical updates for home renovations.

About Starnes Electric LLC

Starnes Electric is a family-owned, full-service electrical contractor serving Clover, SC. The team is headed by owner and senior electrician Dalton Starnes - serving clients just like you in the York, Lancaster, and Chester areas.

Discovering that your home has electrical issues can be a shock. Still, it's worth it if it stops a fire from breaking out.

Keep your family safe by visiting and scheduling an electrical system inspection today.

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