Top Podcasts For Entrepreneurs: Ecommerce Brand Building Strategies & Technology

Jul 30, 2023

Learn how to grow your brand, build your business, outrank your competitors, improve your sales, or incorporate the latest tech, all while eating your lunch or driving to work. This guide to top-tier e-commerce podcasts has you covered for every niche, and it’s easy.

Do you know how many podcasters it takes to change a light bulb?

Just one. But to fully understand why, we have to first travel back in time to the year 1880...

No, no, I'm just kidding - but if you're a fan of podcasts, I'm sure you're familiar with that format, and maybe even a little bit tired of it... I know I am.

It's not that I don't love podcasts, I do, but I'm not interested in a blast from the past - I want a strategy from the future, and I'm not alone.

Podcasts are on track to become a $4 billion industry by 2024, according to this new guide from AmpiFire, and they would know - they're the online brand-building specialists. That's why it caught my attention when they released a new e-commerce podcast guide, and after I checked it out, I knew I had to write about it.

These aren't just any old podcasts, they're what I consider to be the best kind, filled with up-to-date, useful, specific, and actionable information.

Speaking of actionable information, here's some right now. Instead of reading the rest of my blog, you can jump right to the new e-commerce podcast guide from AmpiFire if you want, just visit

While this looks at first glance like any top 10 list, it's actually so much more.

Oh, it does list the top 10 e-commerce podcasts, and it describes each option, what they're about, and how they can help - but that's not all. It also includes the top podcasts in a whole range of different areas, like retail tech, business, marketing, management, and dropshipping.

Why should you care about what some random online person thinks is the best podcast to learn about the latest e-commerce strategies from? Well, let me tell you what interested me in the list in the first place.

It's not written by some random internet author, it's directly from Chris Munch, a well-known serial entrepreneur who is also the CEO and founder of AmpiFire. So while I would normally take any top 10 list with a grain of salt, we at least know this one was built by someone with in-depth experience in every category, and a track record for picking winners.

Why this list? Well, that's easy - podcasts are a simple and effective way to keep on learning, often directly from the world's top experts. You can listen on your commute, between calls, or while you're eating breakfast, and you'll always be learning new things without sacrificing any extra time.

Enough about podcasts in general though, let's get to the good stuff, and dig into this list.

Across all the categories, there are a few dozen carefully curated options - but let's focus on e-commerce for a minute. Specifically, I want to talk about where to get started if you're new to e-commerce, podcasts, or growing a business online.

If you're a veteran of e-commerce podcasts already, you probably know what I'm about to say, we're gonna talk about Shopify Masters. This podcast is popular for a reason, it works.

It provides up-to-date strategies and guidance for optimizing your e-commerce store on the Shopify website, and it's a great starting place for anyone new. Not only is Shopify a great way to get started, but this podcast makes it easy to not just build a store, but make it successful.

Of course, if you're not new to e-commerce, you may be looking for something a little more in-depth, and they've got that too. I would suggest the E-Commerce Fuel podcast for all the latest tips, tricks, and strategies for everything e-commerce related. This podcast does it all, including regular interviews with industry experts, and even a private community where you can talk to, and learn from, other podcast listeners.

It's not all about online businesses either. One of my personal favorite podcasts, which I'm glad made the list, is called “How I Built This.” The host interviews a different successful entrepreneur in each episode, and does a deep dive into how each business was created, the struggles it overcame, and the founder’s advice for new business owners.

What if you're not new to all this, and you're not into e-commerce? Don't worry, they've still got dozens of podcasts that can help your business, marketing, or sales - you just need to scroll further down the list to the next categories: retail business, retail technology, and retail management.

Personally, I suggest the Retail Doc Podcast, because it provides practical, actionable advice for improving sales and customer experiences. It's solid, effective advice, that can be applied to almost any industry.

Chris Munch, AmpiFire’s CEO and founder, explained it better than I can, he said, “To be successful in eCommerce, you need to be willing to ask for help when you need it, and podcasts give you the space to learn from the best so you can implement changes that keep your business thriving for years.”

But don't worry, you don't actually have to ask for help - because you can find all the help you need from the right podcast, and now it's easy to find them.

Check out the full guide to all the best podcasts for building your business at

And hey, after you grow your bottom line by a few figures, maybe help someone else out, and pass this guide on to them too.

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