Top Oxnard Dental Specialist With Advanced Technology For Elderly Patients

Feb 8, 2023

Don’t trust just anyone with your teeth, visit Dr. Jivraj at Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-988-8985) in Oxnard, to get the best possible care, and a personalized dental plan, from top experts that specialize in helping elderly patients , or those with poor health.

Top Oxnard Dental Specialist With Advanced Technology For Elderly Patients

Have you ever noticed that as technology advances, more "one-size-fits-all" solutions are developed - often in fields where you would never expect them?

Thankfully, dentistry is not one of those fields... though you can imagine how silly it would look if we all had perfectly matching "one-size-fits-all" teeth.

In fact, dentistry is almost the opposite, with new advances in technology leading to more customized solutions, and more comfortable visits too.

While it's fairly common for people to feel uncomfortable about going to the dentist, it can be a particularly unpleasant experience for older clients or those with pre-existing health conditions, because the "standard solutions" simply don't work for many of these clients.

That's why Dr. Jivraj, founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, provides the full range of cosmetic and functional dental services to these clients, while making special allowances for their personal situations. This way you can have your dental work done at a more manageable pace over several visits, receive additional oral sedatives, or go the opposite direction, and have a complete smile makeover in one day.

Visit to learn more about dental visits for elderly patients and clients with pre-existing health conditions, or to see the full list of services from Anacapa Dental Art Institute.

Using innovative new techniques and advanced technology, Dr. Jivraj is able to customize treatments to your individual needs, and schedule. Whether you have a phobia of the dentist, need a full set of teeth in a hurry, have a low pain tolerance, or something else entirely, Dr. Jivraj can work with you to find a solution.

If you're in a hurry, or just want to minimize how many appointments you need, you should look into the “All-On-Four” procedure. It's the fastest way to get a full new set of functioning teeth, without an uncomfortable waiting period between having your natural teeth pulled, and receiving your dentures. Dr. Jivraj is a globally renowned specialist who performs the “All-On-Four” procedure at Anacapa Dental Art Institute, as well as teaching it in seminars around the world.

Another popular option is a "painless dental appointment," where you are provided with a gentle oral sedative before your procedure. The sedatives allow you to remain awake and aware throughout your appointment, but unconcerned about what is going on. Most people using these gentle sedatives report being aware of the procedure, but feeling no pain, as if they were in a "dream-like" state.

The point is, no matter what dental work you need done, you shouldn't put it off.

Anacapa Dental Art Institute can help you to get anything from minor cosmetic repairs, to fully functioning implants, without feeling any pain, or spending any time in public without your teeth.

It's all thanks to Dr. Jivraj, the founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute. With over 30 years of experience as a dentist and prosthodontist, Dr. Jivraj has completed well over 1000 smile makeovers. He specializes in full mouth reconstruction and implanted dentures and has published several peer-reviewed articles and books on the topic.

One satisfied client said, “My teeth were bad, my confidence was at a low. I really thought I was gonna be 41 with false teeth. Dr. Jivraj is a perfectionist, and he expects nothing less from his team. Point blank, he’s the best. He laid out a plan, and said, ‘In 6-8 months I’ll have you crunching on an apple.’”

There are two ways to know who's the best dentist in town.

One is to stand outside their practice, and watch the smiles as their clients leave.

The other is to check their online reviews - Anacapa Dental Art Institute has well over 500 reviews on Google alone, with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Stop by the dental practice in Oxnard to see their client's smiles, or visit them online at to schedule an appointment.

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