Top Hammond, IN Re-stretching Services For Home Carpet Wrinkle Repairs: Call Now

Jul 2, 2024

Carpet re-stretching can restore the look of your carpet while addressing dangerous tripping hazards – call Ajax Carpet Service at 219-933-1019 for expert assistance in Hammond, IN.

Repair carpet wrinkles by re-stretching!

Wrinkles in your home’s carpets are awful to look at, but you might not have to look for a replacement just yet. Ajax Carpet Service is here to revive your carpet through the power of re-stretching - get professional help ASAP!

This local team is ready to provide you with extended carpet and area rug care alongside its primary cleaning options in Hammond.

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In addition to its main hot water extraction deep cleaning methods, the Hammond professionals are able to help you fix ripples in older home carpets with a renewed process. Its services offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing replacements, says Ajax Carpet Service, as re-stretching can often prolong the lifespan of your carpets considerably. 

What causes carpet damage?

Ajax Carpet Service notes the daily foot traffic by people and pets alike as a factor in the deterioration of carpets over time. Wear, tear, and age can result in wrinkles that, aside from being bad to look at, present a tripping hazard to your home’s occupants. As such, the Hammond carpet cleaners state that re-stretching is important for both safety and aesthetic reasons. 

“Remember that preventing future damage is just as important as fixing current issues,” advises Ajax Carpet Service. “Proper care for your carpets can make all the difference in their longevity. Reviving your carpet’s original glory is possible with carpet restretching and repairs - it’s a practical way to extend its lifespan while ensuring safety from tripping hazards.” 

Ajax Carpet Service describes its proficiency in stretching carpets to restore their tightness across floors. Doing so can repair wrinkles while improving the durability of your treated carpets with ease.

How does pro carpet re-stretching work?

Tack strips and specialist stretchers are among the advanced equipment used by Ajax Carpet Service in order to produce optimal re-stretching results. Professional services are strongly advised over DIY jobs - you don’t want to try it yourself and risk causing irreparable damage, after all!

Ajax Carpet Service offers its assistance in all carpet-related matters to communities like yours in Hammond and nearby. Whether you need to remove odors from carpets, clean upholstery, or fix underlying flooring issues, this is the team to call.

As explained by an Ajax Carpet Service spokesperson: “Consider the substantial investment you have in your carpet. An average home has thousands of dollars worth of carpet and proper maintenance will extend the life of the carpet for years, avoiding the high cost of premature replacement.” 

Re-stretching, repairs, and really good cleaning - every carpet need is met!

Are you in or around Hammond? Visit to learn more about Ajax Carpet Service and its wider cleaning options.

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