Top Golf Website Traces Sport’s History From Ancient Origins To Modern Greens

Jul 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered where golf was created, or how it grew to be the globally popular sport it is today? If so, then check out Golfers Paradise’s new blog on the sport’s history.

Golf is a sport with a long and storied history, and now, thanks to Golfers Paradise, you can learn all about it!

Their new blog charts the history of golf from its humble beginnings in Scotland to its modern-day, global popularity. The purpose of the blog is to instill an appreciation for the sport’s captivating heritage and inspire golfers of all ages and skill levels to get out and play the game.

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Golfers Paradise is a one-stop resource for golfers and golf enthusiasts who want to learn more about the sport. In addition to historical information, the site also provides coaching tips, product reviews, and industry news.

According to its latest piece, the earliest iterations of the sport can be traced back to ancient times, with the Romans, Chinese, and Dutch all playing similar ball-and-stick games. It wasn’t until these ball-and-stick games made their way to Scotland, however, that golf, as it is known today, started to take shape and evolve.

It was during this time—from the 15th century to the 18th century—when the rules, equipment, and etiquette were established. Golfers would play using balls made of leather and feathers and clubs made of wood with iron heads. Courses like St. Andrews—the oldest known golf course in the world—also started to spring up as the sport grew in popularity.

Eventually, as the blog recounts, the game spread to other parts of the world, with the first course outside of Scotland being founded in 1766 in England. Not long after this, golf clubs were being established in Ireland, Wales, and the United States, too.

Some of the courses founded during this period are still around today. For example, the Chicago Golf Club (established in 1892) is still in operation, and even occasionally hosts the PGA's US Open tournament. A similarly historic course, Augusta National in Atlanta, GA, has been the home of the PGA's Masters Tournament since 1934.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, golf experienced its most advancement; rules were honed, technology was constantly being improved, and golfers started to concentrate more on their performance. It was also around this time that professional leagues and competitions started to emerge.

Today, there are over 38,000 golf courses globally, distributed throughout 206 of the world's 251 countries. Additionally, some sources have estimated that as many as 67 million people play the sport worldwide. Professionally, the PGA, LPGA, and European Tour continue to be the benchmarks for the sport; however, other professional tours, such as LIV Golf, have also been established.

“As we trace the roots of golf's birthplace, we gain a deeper appreciation for the legends and pioneers who shaped the game, the famous courses that have become part of golfing lore, and the advancements in technology that have propelled the sport forward,” said a spokesperson for the website. “Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a curious observer, the journey through golf's history is sure to ignite a passion for the sport and a desire to experience its magic first-hand.”

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