Top Eugene Eye Clinic Does Cataract Removal Surgery For Diabetes Patients

Nov 26, 2022

If you plan on getting your cataracts removed, be sure to visit Pacific ClearVision Institute (+1-541-343-5000), a leading clinic in Eugene, OR that uses advanced surgical techniques.

Top Eugene Eye Clinic Does Cataract Removal Surgery For Diabetes Patients

Cataracts don’t only hamper your vision, but they can also decrease your quality of life. Fortunately, Pacific ClearVision Institute can treat this problem ASAP!

Cataract surgery can address problems like cloudy eyesight, light sensitivity, and poor night vision. It is minimally invasive and uses an ultrasonic probe to break up the cataract for easier removal.

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As part of the procedure, a synthetic intraocular lens will be inserted where the cataract was, to enhance vision.

Cataracts result from the clouding of your eye’s lenses. There are many factors that contribute to their development, including diabetes, trauma, medications, sunlight exposure, and even previous eye surgery. Estimates from the National Eye Institute (NEI) show that roughly 25 million Americans aged 40 and over have this eye condition.

Pacific ClearVision Institute says that cataract removal is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures at its clinic. Vision usually improves one to three days after the surgery, though full recovery can take a few weeks. You will also have follow-up checkups in the succeeding days to ensure that your eyes are healing properly. In most cases, the surgery and consultations are covered by health insurance providers.

Feel free to book a consultation with the practice to further discuss cataract surgery and whether it is appropriate for you.

About Pacific ClearVision Institute

Pacific ClearVision Institute provides compassionate care to patients, using advanced technologies to promote their eye health. Aside from cataract removal, it also provides LASIK and oculoplastic surgery. The clinic also treats glaucoma, myopia, dry eyes, and refractive errors.

A satisfied client shared this review: “Glasses no more! Dr. Ambati removed cataracts and implanted multifocal intraocular lenses in both my eyes. After wearing glasses for 58 years, it seems like a miracle to just wake up, open my eyes, and see without groping around for my glasses. Thank you Dr. Ambati for your great work.”

Most people will develop cataracts at some point in their life. It’s a good thing that Pacific ClearVision Institute offers surgery to remove them. Contact the clinic today and regain your excellent vision!

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