Top Eco-Friendly Restaurants In Colorado Springs Featured In New Dining Guide

Jun 10, 2024

Are you looking for a more sustainable dining experience in Colorado Springs? Colorado Springs Deals will point you in the right direction.

If you're committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, the restaurants you go to will have to change. The good news is: Colorado Springs is the perfect city to make that change.

Colorado Springs Deals, the ultimate directory on the city's local businesses, has created an up-to-date sustainable dining guide featuring Colorado Springs’ top eco-friendly restaurants. Read the full guide at

Colorado Springs’ Emerging Eco-Conscious Food Culture

In the past few years, Colorado Springs has implemented more sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives that have reverberated through its energy industry, infrastructure, and of course, its food culture. Now, Colorado Springs Deals showcases a notable subset of this emerging eco-conscious food culture.

“In the heart of Colorado Springs, the concept of sustainable dining has been embraced with open arms. The city, known for its breathtaking mountain views and vibrant local culture, is now gaining recognition for its commitment to green eating. This is not about the color of the food, but the ethos behind it,” said a spokesperson for Colorado Springs Deals.

Setting A Standard For Green Eating

Colorado Springs Deals’ sustainable dining guide outlines the many measures eco-conscious restaurants in the city are taking to minimize their ecological footprint. From sourcing ingredients from local farmers, to on-site food processing and preparation, to recycling, composting, and water conservation practices, Colorado Springs' restaurants are setting the standard for green eating in El Paso County.

For a top-quality sustainable dining experience, the guide suggests the Broadmoor with their grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood from the Marine Stewardship Council, and handpicked vegetables and herbs from organic gardens; the Ivywild School with their fully organic produce, zero-waste policy, and support of local farmers and artisans, Urban Steam where beans for the coffee bar are roasted on-site, and Radiantly Raw Kitchen where their cacao is sourced from fair-trade suppliers and their chocolatier strictly uses raw, organic ingredients in confections.

A Community Resource For Residents & Tourists

Colorado Springs Deals is a community resource for residents and tourists, listing the best local restaurants and the latest dining deals in the city. As the city's sustainable initiatives and customers' increasing preference for sustainable dining grow, the platform will continue to expand its catalog of eco-friendly restaurants.

“The importance of sustainable dining cannot be overstated, as it is a key component in the fight against climate change and for a healthier planet,” said a representative for the platform. “Colorado Springs’ commitment to green dining showcases the city’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to a sustainable future.”

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