Top Charlotte Crawlspace Expert Offers Vapor Barriers & Waterproofing Solutions

Jun 4, 2023

Have you noticed a moldy smell in your home lately — probably some condensation on your windows or a bit of sag on your floors? It may be time to check underneath your house. Contact Freedom Crawlspace Services (803-493-9902)! They’ll expertly handle the underlying issue!

Admittedly, many of us don’t think about what lies beneath our house — out of sight, out of mind, right? In the case of crawl spaces, though, their being out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean there are no harmful effects.

In reality, a lot of properties in North Carolina face moisture problems. Due to its humid climate, buildings are often prone to dampness in their crawl spaces. But rest assured, Freedom Crawlspace Services will provide you with cost-efficient and hassle-free solutions to combat this issue.

The team offers crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation services, alongside routine inspections and maintenance to ensure your property's optimal upkeep and sustainability. Other services offered by the family-owned business include crawl space repair, vent insulation, basement waterproofing, and mold removal.

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Dampness in your crawl space leads to mold growth, which can cause mold spores to circulate to the rest of your house if the area is left unprotected, creating potential health problems. Other effects of moisture and condensation buildup include structural wood rot and pest infestation, which no one wants.

Freedom Crawlspace Services will encapsulate the space underneath your house, installing a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier around the entirety of the area, from floor to ceiling, and sealing it. They will then set up a dehumidifier to control the dampness, which will prevent excessive moisture from forming along with the barrier. Before the provision of this service, you will need to resolve any water and pest issues, as well as back-draft from combustible equipment situated in the area.

The company also installs vapor barriers, which are durable plastic liners that prevent the infiltration of water vapor that rises from the ground. As with crawlspace encapsulation and other services, a comprehensive assessment of your property will be carried out before a vapor barrier is installed.

As part of this process, the technicians will construct a crawl space drain system to remove any standing water. They will also restore flooring or structural sagging, if need be, by setting up crawl space support jacks before installing the vapor barrier.

Freedom Crawlspace Services is committed to providing efficient solutions to residential and commercial clients in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas facing crawlspace and waterproofing issues.

“We make it our mission to deliver to you the same high-caliber of service that we would like in our own houses for the benefit of our own families. We are able to assist you in protecting your investment and ensuring that you are able to live a secure and comfortable life within your house,” a company spokesperson said.

Don't leave your crawl space unchecked. Your home, health, and pocketbook will thank you in the long run. Call the specialists at Freedom Crawlspace Services and breathe easy knowing you've made an investment that's truly worth it for you and your family.

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