Top Business Development Program for Aspiring Coaches: Improve Leadership Skills

Jan 8, 2024

If you are considering making consulting a full or part-time gig, Jeanne Omlor wants to help. Her new training program can help you get started the right way with proven strategies and one-on-one coaching.

Meet Jeanne Omlor

A consulting professional unique in many ways, Jeanne is an idol to some, and a mentor to many. Called the "Queen of Authentic Marketing", she built her consulting empire through years of hard work and strategy. Notably, she was able to build a 3 million dollar consulting business starting from the ground up in only 2 years, all without paying for advertising!

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If you're considering becoming a consultant yourself, this may sound unattainable. That sort of success doesn't come along to just anyone    •I hear you say. And you're correct! It takes a special kind of consultant to wrangle the ever-shifting whims of the industry and build a successful practice.

Luckily for you, Jeanne isn't keeping her success a secret. No, she has returned to her roots recently, and is prepared to give you the head start you will need if you want to break into the industry and find success - all in the form of her Business Success Accelerator program!

Introducing: The BSA

Jeanne Omlor’s specialized program is a perfect solution, whether you are just entering the consulting or coaching industries, breaking into a new niche, or otherwise undergoing diversification.

In the program, you will:

  • Learn at your own pace through pre-recorded video lectures
  • Develop your approach live in one-on-one meetings with Jeanne
  • Meet other empowered professionals and brainstorm solutions to tough problems

First Steps

When it comes to consulting, your first steps into the industry are likely to be the most dangerous. Over 85% of practices fail in their first year, losing out to better prepared or more visible competitors - a fate the Jeanne can help you avoid.

To assist you as you establish yourself in the market, Jeanne provides actionable, realistic, personalized advice through her one-on-one coaching sessions. During these sessions, she will help you:

  • Develop achievable goals and sound action plans
  • Establish the foundations of your business
  • Build the momentum and excitement needed to successfully win clients

A Look Behind The Curtain

Overall, what Jeanne provides is a glimpse at the strategies she used to achieve her own success. Specifically, you will learn the methods that she used to promote her business for free, utilizing social media channels and content marketing strategies to achieve steady, authentic growth.

She pairs this practical advice with her proven mindset training. Her ultimate goal is to foster an environment where you can celebrate your successes and work through setbacks without ever dwelling on perceived failures. In Jeanne’s words, her aim is to help participants enter the “genius zone”, a mindset wherein ideas can flourish and flow freely without being hindered by self-doubt.

Don't Wait: Join The BSA Today

Jeanne's program has already helped hundreds of aspiring consultants find their place in the fast-growing industry.

If you are interested in joining the program, you can schedule a FREE one-on-one strategy session with Jeanne to determine how the Business Success Accelerator may be able to help in your unique situation.

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