Top Branding Agency Shares Insights On How Brands Can Build Emotional Connection

Jul 28, 2023

Do customers find your brand emotionally engaging? If not, London: Los Angeles (LO:LA) is sharing its strategies that have won it renown in the creative industry!

It’s nigh-impossible to measure emotional engagement, but businesses feel its impact on their bottom lines daily. Simply put, if you’re not seeing repeat business and if customers are quick to abandon you at the faintest hint of negative press, then customers are not too emotionally engaged with your brand—something that you should do something about pronto.

To help struggling businesses like yours, award-winning LO:LA has published a new handy guide that shows how to nurture a more emotionally engaged audience.

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According to the agency, creating emotional engagement is critical in ensuring repeat business and preventing customers from switching to another brand. It added that those with an emotional attachment to a brand are more likely to share their experiences with friends and family and show support when a brand takes a reputational hit.

“Emotionally engaged customers are often willing to pay more for products or services from the brand, as they perceive the brand to be of higher value and quality,” it added.

In the guide, LO:LA shares the strategies that make up its holistic approach to emotional connection building. Chief among those is ensuring that the brand has a strong identity that makes it stand out and a compelling story that appeals to its intended customers.

Another element the guide points to is a consistent experience, stating that a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints will create “positive emotions” that will then be associated with the brand.

LO:LA also advised businesses not to underestimate the benefits of social responsibility. “Brands that give back to the community or support social causes that are important to their customers can create emotional connections by demonstrating their values and commitment to making a positive impact,” it said in the guide.

But you’re probably wondering, “Why listen to these guys?”

It’s simple: These strategies were drawn from real-life campaigns crafted by LO:LA for its global clientele. And many of those campaigns have led to the recognition of the agency by prestigious award-giving bodies such as the American Advertising Awards, Webby Awards, New York Festivals, Cannes Lions—the list goes on and on.

So if you’re looking for advice on how to establish a solid emotional connection with customers—or if you’re losing customers fast and is in dire need of help—get in touch with the boutique agency that big players are now trying to emulate (but can’t).

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