Top 3 smart glasses on Amazon (that won’t make you look ridiculous!)

Mar 20, 2024

Glasses used to “just” help you see better; now they let you see what isn’t even there. And you don’t even have to look ridiculous to see beyond reality.

It’s 2024, people are riding the subway while wearing the Apple Vision Pro… because it’s 2024 and we’ll do anything to escape this hellscape.

But you don’t have to go as far – and as expensive! – as the Apple headset. There are many smart glasses models that don’t look ridiculous and have great features, too.

Sure, there’s Meta – everyone knows about those and we will talk about them, too – but there are two other models that I think you should see too (or through?). 

Be discreet and on-trend with XReal’s Air 2 smart glasses

If you’re an eyewear enthusiast as well as a tech enthusiast, then you will know that when it comes to eyewear in 2024, the trend is ‘go big or go home’ – it’s all about oversized and unusual frames. 

In other words, there has never been a better time for you to don a pair of XReal Air 2 smart glasses – the modern take on the classic Wayfarer sunglasses, but make it oversized, of course!

With a 330-inch screen and weighing only 72g, the Air 2 glasses are comfortable and discreet – you can wear them all day, everywhere, and leave none the wiser. 

Compatible with iPhone, most Android phones, and Windows and Mac laptops, this ‘one screen to replace them all’ was forged by the Dark Lord Sauron – er, wait, that’s the One Ring to Rule Them All – back to the glasses, as I was saying, the screens on the Air 2 glasses were built with the latest micro-OLED panels from Sony and the leading AR optic tech. 

I can’t promise you’ll become the chosen one – but you can watch the chosen one (whichever one you prefer – from Lord of the Rings to Avatar: The Last Airbender) whenever and wherever you want, on your glasses. 

Get a personal AI assistant with Lucyd’s Nautica smart glasses

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably read AI-generated text – and if you haven’t… well, a) kudos, I actually legit envy you, and b) please tell me how you did it, because I’d very much like to avoid it in future. 

But assuming that you haven’t found a way to avoid AI – and honestly if you’re looking into smart glasses you probably aren’t interested in avoiding it – you have likely noticed its obsession with sailing imagery. With so much online content now being generated with ChatGPT, everything is a landscape and everyone is navigating this, diving into that, embarking on a journey, etc., etc. 

And boy, I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was when I learned that there’s a collection of ChatGPT-powered smart glasses called… Nautica. Yes, inspired by, and I quote, ‘the timeless allure of the sea’.

As you would expect from a product proudly associated with ChatGPT, these are customizable – and by that I mean, you have several options to choose from. But as we know words like customizable, bespoke, personalized, and many others have completely lost their meaning in the era of AI. 

But, all jokes aside, they do look pretty neat – I gotta give them that. So if you wanna look good while talking to ChatGPT on the go – kinda like Tony Stark when you think about it – then definitely check these out. Or, rather I should say: embark on a journey to customizable eyewear that effortlessly blends style, comfort, and cutting-edge AI technology, as you navigate the complexities of everyday challenges.

Control your Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses with your mind (soon, but not yet!)

In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg said that Meta is close to selling a device which can be controlled by your brain signals. They will essentially get rid of the gear that’s currently necessary for AR and VR – replacing all that with a wristband. So you’ll be controlling your smart glasses with your mind, in your cyberpunk era.

I’m not even that excited about all this new tech – it’s more like it scares me a little – but even I, a skeptic, a Scully, have to admit… controlling your glasses or VR setup with your mind sounds pretty great. I wouldn’t necessarily want to live in the world of Ghost in the Shell or Cyberpunk 2077, but controlling tech with your mind, that’s crazy – that I’d like to try. 

You can’t do that right now, obviously, but the Meta Ray-Ban sunglasses are still pretty cool – and there’s a reason why they’re the most popular model. 

First of all, they’re Ray-Ban – duh! So of course they’re quality glasses and they look stylish. But, more importantly for smart glasses, they’re super useful, too. From live streaming literally from your glasses to AI voice control, Meta’s smart glasses are ‘designed for living in the moment’. 

Already people are using them as tour guides – which is pretty cool, if you ask me. I mean, I love learning about the places I travel to, but I also really dislike crowded guided tours – so this would be a really neat solution. 

The tech used is also pretty impressive – with Sony’s micro-OLED displays, Alexa integration, ultra-wide 12 MP camera, and a five-mic system. You can practically film a whole movie with just your glasses. In fact, if you have the talent for it, please do it – I would love to see that.

But regardless of whether you want to make the first Oscar-winning film shot entirely on your smart glasses or want to improve your workouts (yes, smart glasses can help with that, too!) or maybe you just want to be like Tony Stark – there are smart glasses for every taste and every purpose. Before you decide – see the top smart glasses for 2024.

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