Toddler Tableware Tantrums Be Gone! This New Set Keeps Food on Plates

Dec 9, 2022

Exhausted parents everywhere need dread mealtimes no more thanks to an innovative new range of tableware from the life solution geniuses at MightyGood.

Toddler Tableware Tantrums Be Gone! This New Set Keeps Food on Plates

As a parent you know that mealtimes with a toddler can go one of two ways: either your child is perfectly balancing their oatmeal on their spoon whilst sipping expertly from their cup as the morning sun streams in, basking them in a halo of golden light; or they’re wearing their spaghetti as a wig, whilst simultaneously banging their cup on the table and taking aim at the dog, using their plate as a frisbee.

And if, like me, you have two or more adorable little angels crowded round your dining table, then it’s likely that you’re also anticipating a conflict on the scale of world war three over who gets to drink their milk from the blue cup. No, not that blue cup, the other one. BLUE CUP!!!

Honestly, I should know better by now.

Well, worry not my fellow exhausted, food-splattered parents and caregivers, help is at hand! No, I’m not offering to babysit. Ha - nice try! With my lot, I’ve got enough on my plate. And that’s just it: plates!

Wouldn’t it be great if, just for once, the food just stayed on the plates? If the cups actually stood up to being lobbed, grenade style, at the window? If there were enough blue cups for everyone?! Good news: the clever folks at MightyGood have got your back.

They’ve just launched a new range of “MightyMoe’s” tableware, specially designed to help your child learn to eat independently. Each piece is made from super tough, BPA-free, recyclable plastic that can stand up to even the roughest of toddlers.

Check out their full toddler tableware range at

The trays, plates (with or without dividers), cups, bowls and cutlery have been designed in a range of eye-catching colors with extra high edges to help keep food contained. The tableware is also stackable, making it space-saving for parents who often cite limited space as a concern for storing the extensive paraphernalia required for raising babies and young children. No more avalanches on opening your kitchen cupboards!

And cleaning up is a cinch. Just collect your cups, trays and plates from around the table, the floor, your neighbour’s garden and pop them straight in the dishwasher. Easy peasy! Their whole tableware range is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Ah, blessed convenience!

One satisfied customer and fellow baby-led weaning survivor said: “Love the quality of this set! Super thick, durable and a great amount of colors to choose from. My toddler chose the ocean set and just loves her tableware! The high walls stop the food from spilling out and they have a nice feel to them, unlike my flimsy ones we’d been using before - perfect for my girl who throws everything!”

Also available to order on Amazon and, their sturdy 28 piece starter set includes bowls, plates, divided plates, utensils, sippy cups and straw cups. And the best part? It comes in four awesome color combinations to pick from - Sunset, Pastel, Ocean and Blossom. So it’s bye-bye blue cup battles and hello colorful cup choices!

About MightyGood

MightyGood was founded in 2012 in Kansas City, MO, as a precision manufacturer of plastic consumer goods. When the pandemic struck in 2019, the company shifted to the manufacture of medical face shields, donating thousands to regional hospitals and healthcare systems. They also developed a line of environmentally-friendly health and hygiene wipes - perfect for those post-meal apocalypse clean ups!

Each piece of MightyMoe tableware is made in the heart of the Midwest and every purchase supports local jobs, US manufacturing, and small business! MightyGood’s aim is for their products to support the government, retailers and families across the country to stay happy, healthy and safe.

Details on the full range of products offered by the MightyGood company can be found at

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