Thought Leadership Peer Team For ITSP Owners: Increase Company Value In 2024

Feb 13, 2024

Mergers and acquisitions are a common occurrence in the MSP and ITSP sectors, and the Peer Team program from BMK Community offers a unique forum for you to maximize the value of your business.

Join This Industry Mastermind Group

No-one was born with all the answers, and it’s often the case that someone else has faced and solved the same challenges that you’re having. BMK Community offers a unique forum for MSP and ITSP owners to exchange the latest ideas and growth strategies.

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By joining this unique network of MSP and ITSP owners, you’ll have an opportunity to tap into the latest thinking from across the industry. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to drive growth in your own business, while also increasing its value for any future acquisition.

BMK Community’s programs are underpinned by a team of consultants who all have over 10 years’ experience in the managed IT services field. The network is open to owners and executives from across the industry, offering a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning.

Mergers & Acquisitions In The MSP Sector

A recent report from Greenwich Capital Group highlights the ongoing consolidation in the managed services industry, with Accenture alone completing six acquisitions towards the end of last year. Several factors contribute to the valuation of your business, including the strength of your sales pipeline, the percentage of recurrent revenue, customer and revenue diversity, and how well you and your management team are performing.

BMK Community’s Peer Team programs are designed to help you drive growth in your organization, which can also make it a more attractive prospect for potential mergers or acquisitions. The company points out that many business owners work in isolation, which can restrict your professional development, and the program is designed to help address this issue.

“BMK Community has been providing Peer Team programs to MSPs and ITSPs since 2004,” a company representative explained. “This is a team of business owners or executives who come together to share best practices, hold one another accountable, support one another, and openly share our struggles and successes.”

About BMK Community

Part of the Bering McKinley business growth agency, BMK Community leverages a team of managed services consultants and combines it with a growing network of current MSP and ITSP owners. The firm states that the focus on the MSP sector provides a highly specialized forum that is not available through other programs.

“Since joining Bering McKinley, I’ve gained a much deeper knowledge of how to run my business and what things are important to watch out for,” one business owner recently stated. “Instead of just randomly running things, I now have some real guidelines and strategies that I can use.”

Put your MSP or ITSP in a position of strength. Join the Peer Team program from BMK Community and tap into a unique mastermind group.

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