This YA Fantasy Novel Illustrates The Author’s Battle Against Severe Depression

Mar 18, 2024

David Nathaniel Nealis hits the scene with his debut novel, Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon, an experimental look at his own mental health struggles through the lens of a stunningly rendered fantasy adventure.

Hope Blooms in a World of Darkness

Suppose in your most stressful moments, you were able to simply escape - to slip beyond the boundaries of our world into a different one entirely, a kinder, more colorful place where anything is possible. Suppose you could snap your fingers at the DMV and find yourself in an instant standing on a rocky shoreline overlooking a turbulent sea. This is the reality that we as readers get to enjoy in David Nathaniel Nealis' new novel, Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon.

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In Nealis' debut novel, you will be whisked away on a stunning, heartfelt journey of friendship, peril, and healing. Zylo is not an ordinary man; he has the ability to count down from three and enter a world of magic and mystery! Come along on his high-fantasy adventure as he discovers not only his place in this exciting new realm, but also his own courage and bravery.

This story is Nealis' first crack at a full novel release, and by all accounts, he has knocked it out of the park! By blending his real-world experience with dissociative identity disorder and PTSD with a carefully crafted fantasy world, he achieved a literary feat that is at once authentic and captivating - perhaps 2024's first "can't-miss" release!

Enter Serenity

In the new novel, you will follow the titular Zylo Moon as he stumbles upon the fantastical world of Serenity, kicking off an epic, psychological adventure. The ensuing journey of self-discovery mirrors the author’s own experience in using escapism as a coping mechanism and is intended to showcase the therapeutic value of imagination.

In this 48,000-word epic, Zylo Moon is pitted against the sinister Mr. Puppeteer, a villain bent on the destruction of Serenity and, consequently, of Zylo’s inner peace. This conflict is the driving force behind a high-stakes fantasy adventure that weaves a realistic depiction of a wide range of mental health struggles into a heartwarming tale about overcoming adversity.

A Community That Cares

If you struggle with mental health, or if you have ever felt alone in your inner battles, this novel is for you. Zylo’s escape into a fantasy realm mirrors the author’s success in addressing his own mental illness through escapism and friendship, a message that has already resonated with many readers.

Despite its relatively recent release, many of those readers have already connected with one another to discuss the story and its impact on their mental health. As the book’s following grows and as Nealis’ career as an author continues, this positivity-focused community is sure to continue to gain members and positively impact the lives of even more readers. When you pick up the book, you too become a part of this network of empowered readers! Check out the overwhelmingly positive verified purchase reviews on Amazon!

Pick Up a Copy Today

With all of that said, it is easy to see why Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon has quickly become the #1 Fantasy Novel release on Amazon!

One reviewer had this to say about the story, “Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon was such a phenomenal read. The fact that it has mental health representation is a plus for me because most of us struggle with mental health and it's just comforting to read knowing that we aren't alone. It had me in my feelings most of the time and I love when a book can do that.”

Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon is available now on Amazon and the author’s website in eBook, audiobook, and paperback formats. If you are currently struggling with your mental health, can also find resources and connections on Nealis’ website.

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