This Wi-Fi Provider Offers High-Speed Internet To Remote Rural Areas In The US

Jan 11, 2023

Are you tired of spotty wireless internet that never keeps a stable connection? If so try Wing WiFi from trusted internet service provider Spacelink Installs (229-237-5102).

This Wi-Fi Provider Offers High-Speed Internet To Remote Rural Areas In The US

If a bad internet connection is stopping you from surfing, let Spacelink Installs get you back on the wave again!

If you live in rural America, their Wing WiFi service provides wireless high-speed LTE internet with no contracts or credit checks. The service can be accessed through a wireless LTE hotspot device or a stationary router for home use.

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Spacelink Installs’ Wing WiFi offers you nationwide coverage at affordable monthly prices. The service uses Simo Connect’s patented cloud SIM technology to automatically connect your devices to the strongest available signals from top networks in your area.

The process to set up Wing WiFi is easy. You start by selecting the device and plan that work best for you. Once the device arrives you simply power it on, connect to the WiFi plan you selected at checkout, and start surfing, streaming, or playing.

Spacelink Installs offers a choice between the Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot and the LTE Home Internet Router.

The Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot provides you with high-speed internet access on the go and features no boxes, wires, or antennas. The LTE Home Internet Router is better for reliable connectivity in your home. It comes with antennas and an Ethernet cable to ensure the fastest speeds and strongest signals for up to 32 devices.

Wing WiFi provides a host of benefits. Its coverage is nationwide, extending into even the most remote and rural areas. If you travel a lot you can also use Wing WiFi without the fear of surprising roaming fees. Also, no matter which device you choose they come already activated, which means you don’t have to worry about installing, uploading, or connecting it on your own.

"We live out in the sticks and getting consistent internet service was a constant struggle," said a satisfied customer. "We tried Spacelink Installs and they were able to get us set up with Wing WiFi, and I can honestly say we haven't had a hiccup since. If they can get us reliable service out in the middle of nowhere, I'm convinced they can get it anywhere!"

With Wing WiFi, Spacelink Installs is offering a variety of plans for you to choose from. Their data plans start at 25 GB and go all the way up to 800 GB. Plan prices are straightforward with no hidden fees and no contracts, and they're billed monthly.

Spacelink Installs has been installing satellite TV and internet in South Georgia and North Florida for more than 20 years. Their licensed installers have completed thousands of jobs in many rural areas.

In addition to Wing WiFi, Spacelink Installs is also a certified retailer of satellite internet services like Starlink and HughesNet.

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